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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yard Sale Part 2 - Day 3.

I just dont understand why a shoplifter would go to a garage sale and steal. But then again I guess its easy prey.

It was about 3pm and this van pulls up, out of the van comes women, there were 7 of them. Only one spoke English and it was broken at that. They spoke amongst themselves in their language, then the one came over holding a tea set and asked how much? I said $30.00. (the tea set was a collectors item.) She turns around and relays the message to the others. A couple of other people showed up and started asking questions. So I did not really pay attention the the ladies that was grouped up. I am not really sure at what point that they left, but they took with them, the tea set, 2 candles w/holders, 1 vase, and a couple of movies. I figured they got away with $50.00 worth of stuff.

I had more people show up but they really did not buy. I mean a dime here and a dime there.

I had two neighbors ask about the sign that is on my telephone pole: Humane Society - Not Here. I made a post about someone leaving a dog in my yard. After I explained why I did it, they totally understood.

This SUV showed up with two ladies in it. They were garage sellers, they knew how to haggle. I actually loved it. They were the first in the past three days that actually did it and did it right. They got me down from $20.00 to $12.00. But it was all good, I got out of it what I wanted and they got it for a good price. I think the coolest part about them was they were having a good time. We laughed about silly things. I guess they liked that, because they came back and bought more stuff.

Back to the Shoplifters. I am angry with myself over it. Cause if I was working in a Merchandise shop, I would have been on high alert, looking for shoplifters. But why wasn't I on high alert with this. Was it because I was at home? Did I let my guard down?

This kind of thing makes me so frustrated.


John said...

Who would've ever thought you'd get ripped off at your yard sale. I guess a thief is a thief is a thief is a thief. Sorry to hear about that. Glad you made a little money though.

Jeanette said...

That's horrible! I can't even imaging how people even live with themselves. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Beth said...

Yeah, it's not uncommon for people to do that. If someone is going to steal from me, I'd rather they take a few things than rob me of the money at gunpoint! I'm philosophical about it...if they're thieves, at some point, they'll get caught. Karma, baby!

Angel said...

that's terrible. really. a garage sale and you have to STEAL??

DJan said...

Hey Allen, welcome to my blog! I'm off to the Drop Zone to jump out of airplanes, but I'll check you out when I get home this evening (before Mad Men, of course).

Garage sale-ers are a special breed, aren't they?

Allen said...

@ John, I did make a little. I am happy about that. I just wish the world was a better place.

@ Jeanette, Its ok, I really made this post so that others would not make the same mistake that I did.

@ Beth, Yeah I like Karma! and you are right, it is better than at gun point.

@ Beth, I know right, here I am trying to make money so that I can move and they stole a small part of it. hehe

@ Djan, Garage Sale-ers are a special breed. I have it in me, but I would never steal something. I hope you have a safe and fun jump! Cant wait to read about it and see more of your pictures.

Jo said...

Aw... that's too bad. They're probably off selling the tea set at their own garage sale for $40.00, maybe $50.00. I would be really frusted too -- and angry...

Jo said...

I meant frustrated, not frusted. Frosted? *heh*

Allen said...

@ Jo, I would not dought that one bit. Frosted? lol

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