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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Storm Hits North East - What a mess it left behind.

It started storming over 12 hours ago. I reported it to my friends on Facebook, "did you hear that thunder?" @ 3am.

I went to bed shortly after 3:30am, I was rudely awaken at 9 am to thunder so loud that it rattled the house.

I got up out of bed, and walked towards the kitchen to fix coffee and looked out the living room window to see the river flowing, down the front of our yard. I turned right back around and went and put some clothes on. I went to the patio first. I opened the door and see the river flowing through our Patio. The water was pushing up against our door, trying to get in under the door. It was about 3" up on the door. I figured if everything was already wet, then I might as well, open the doors and let it run its course.

After I was happy with that, all the room mates was up and moving around. I was looking out the living room window again, and saw this huge lighting bolt hit. I stood up and backed up away from the window. I said OMG did you see that? And then another one hit almost in the same place but it was larger than the last. And then it happened, total darkness.

I now know that my emergency lights work. Everyone of them were shining bright. I went around the house and shut them all off. Cause there is enough daylight to see where you are walking.

I went back to the living room to find out that two of my room mates left. I looked at Frammy and said time for coffee. He looked at me and started laughing. He said you have to have electricity to do that. I looked at him and said no I dont. I waded through the water in the patio and went to my car in the garage, which was also flooded. I grabbed my B.O.B. (bug out bag) and headed into the house. Once inside, Frammy asked "what are you doing?", I said I am fixing myself some coffee. I opend my B.O.B. and grabbed my Soda Can cook stove. He said "I dought that will get hot enough to make coffee." You know now thinking back I should have bet him on this one. I would have made some money.

I put my soda can stove on my real stove, placed two brick to make a V pattern. I placed my stove into the V. I opend my bottle of rubbing alchol and poured about an ounce in, stood back and took a match and lit it. It fired right up. I put a pot onto it with 2 cups of water.

About 15 minutes later we were drinking a hot cup of coffee.

The room mates that had left earlier returned to report the phone pole that was on fire just a couple of block to our west. They said that there were fire trucks all over the place. They said they had to drive about a mile to find a store that was open. All the stores near us was closed due to no power.

About an hour went by before the power came back on. Did not have the internet, but I had my coffee!

Pictures of the damage.

I hope every ones day is better than mine.


Wonder Man said...

I hope your day gets better

Allen said...

@ Wonder - Me too.

Beth said...

Whew, that sounds scary--tomorrow HAS to be better!

Allen said...

@Beth, Its getting better already. The sun is out. woo hoo

John said...

What a storm! You know there are some people that claim they love storms? uhh, not me!

A river of water, no dam, no power, but atleast you had coffee!

Allen said...

@ John,
I love a good lighting storm, as long as I am not in the path of it. I like to be a few miles from it.

I did have my coffee. Love it.

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