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Friday, September 11, 2009

Marathon Gas Station - Hanna Ave and Keystone

This station that is on the corner of Hanna Ave and Keystone has the best customer service I have ever seen. I have been going to this station only for that reason.

The owner is super nice, his name is Brian. I asked Brian about his business and how it was going with the economy being bad. He said you know Allen its ruff but we are making it. I said I bet you make a ton off of cigarettes sales and gas. He told me that he only makes .20 cents on a pack of cigarettes and .50 cents on a gallon of gas. He said after you pay for all the taxes on both there is not much left over.

Holly is the day cashier, she is very nice too. She went back to college, and still is working full time at the station. She never complains and is very helpful all the time.

If you are in the area and need gas, be sure to stop by this station. I am sure they would appreciate your business.

Have a great day,


Larry Ohio said...

My father in law took at job at an independently owned gas station after he retired. He told us a lot of interesting things he learned, but the most interesting was that the owner told him that he made only 3 cents per gallon profit on the gas. He said a single 'drive-away' theft would suck up all his gas profits for the day.

Gas stations make their real profit on all the crap inside the store. They must hate folks like me who pay at the pump and never go inside.

Allen said...


I dont think they would hate you for paying at the pump. Its the ones that dont pay that they hate.

That reminds me, I forgot to pay one day, I was late for work and pumped my gas and left. I found my money in my pocket and went to the station the next day and fessed up. I was prepared to be arrested for it. But after telling Brian what happened he was just happy that I paid him.

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