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Thursday, September 10, 2009

United Postal Service (ups) caught

I have a couple of friends that works for UPS. I talked to them about getting a job with them. They told me I would not be able to work for them, cause I would have to work super fast. And would have to lift heavy packages.

Did you know these guys make $18-$24 an hour, to kick and throw your packages around? No wonder I couldn't get a job with them.

(surveillance cameras are fun)
I dont think I could through a package as far as this guy did in the first video. Wow he sent the package flying.

In this second surveillance video, you can actually hear the package hit the house. If I owned this house and that package, I would have sued UPS for this.


Larry Ohio said...

Haha! Air mail! Do you have to pay extra for that service?

f8hasit said...

So that's why the boxes look so beat up when they get here.
I need to put surveillence on my house. It would be very interesting what I could view!

Thanks Allen!

Beth said...

I totally LOVE our UPS guy. He's so nice, and he always waves to Sheeba through the window. We give him a gift card every year at Christmas, because he's such a great guy!

Anonymous said...

finally the mystery is solved of why my packages always look like they have been kicked around....they have!


Anonymous said...

Wow. If those videos are real, I hope those guys were fired. They should have been.

Allen said...

@ Larry, you know I think you do. hehe

@ f8hasit, The do get beat up pretty bad. =o)

@ Beth, Our UPS guy at Staples was a very cool guy too. I like him a lot. He always had a smile on his face and like to joke around.

@ Steven, That is true. They have been kicked around. Next time look for the foot print. hehe

@ Michael, I hope they were at least reprimanded for their mistakes. But who knows.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

lelocolon said...

Love this. I have strong attraction to UPS men.

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