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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Roof Is Done!

The picture above is the trash pile after we stripped everything off.

The picture above and below is the finished roof. I nailed 90% of these nails that you see in the pictures. I have blisters on my hands. I only smashed one finger. It smarted, and I only did it once.
I am glad this project is done. It has wore me out. I think I am to old to be working on roofs. I will never say I wont work on a roof again, but I hope that I never do it again.

P.s. 10 days until we move.


Anonymous said...

Nice nail work ;0))

Beth said...

Good job...but I can tell you're glad it's done!

Pat said...

Re: smashing only "one" finger - I see you're a quick learner!

You really nailed the job here! LOL!

A job well done!

Joann said...

Good Job!! Glad you're done, huh!?!? = )

Larry Ohio said...

It looks great. Nice work!

Lynda said...

It makes me tired to see all that work. You all did a great job! Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have a nail gun.

Allen said...

@ Distracted, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

@ Beth, yes I am extremely happy that its done. It wore me out!

@ Pat, yep I sure did nail that one, and the next one and the next one hehe

@ Joann, yes I am glad I am done.

@ Larry, Thanks

@ Misslynda, I asked the guy I was working with about a nail gun, he said he has one. I looked puzzled at him, he said " I have you". =oP

Thanks again for all the great comments,

MissyM said...

My brother redid his roof a couple of years ago and he said he would never try that again. Congrats on getting the job done.

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