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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ten Things I like and dislike

Ten things I like:

  1. My friends here on bloggersville.
  2. D.M. and K.R. (kids I watched over the summer)
  3. Pizza - (even thought I am allergic to Tomatoes)
  4. Sun Set on the Ocean
  5. Tigger
  6. The e-book Lights Out
  7. A Hot Bath (and I do mean HOT - no cold water)
  8. Spring time in Florida (orange blossoms smells so good)
  9. Ford Mustang (I don't own one yet)
  10. Snakes (I owned 28 at one time)

Ten things I dislike:

  1. Stupid People
  2. Stupid People driving
  3. Chocolate
  4. Spiders
  5. Paddle Boats
  6. Swimming in cold pools
  7. Not having a Job
  8. Mowing Grass
  9. Noisy neighbors
  10. Anxiety attacks
Now you know some of the things that I like and dislike.
Have a great Tuesday,


Anonymous said...

You owned 28 snakes?! Those would be on my "dislike" list. LOL.

Great lists, I should do something similar.

Pat said...

re 10 things you like: I hear ya on 1,3 and 4, as far as #7 goes, I'd LOVE a bath, even if it were lukewarm, since we don't have tub in the trailer!, #10 - are you nucking futs?

re 10 things you hate: 1, 2, AGREE, #3 - whatta ya nucking futs?, and 4, 5 AGREE.

There. That's my opinion. You didn't ask? Oh. Sorry. :)

Rae said...

Well I agree with most of them except the snakes and I think it is illegal to not like chocolate :)

Larry Ohio said...

Oh thank you Allen for bringing back some strong memories of the smell of orange blossoms. The scent is subtle but wonderful. Driving around Florida after dark with the windows down, going through the orange groves in bloom, it's like driving through heaven.

Beth said...

Come and visit--I'll take you for a ride in my '05 Mustang. :)

Wonder Man said...

That was a lot of snakes... I bet they were fun

Stephen said...

good lists, Allen!

Lille Diane said...

I share 8 out of 10 likes with you. I haven't seen the e book Lights Out and don't know the kids you watched but would probably like them, too. I owned a 67 Mustang. Vvrrrooooommmm.... My son had snakes so I'm cool with that. Orange blossoms--one of my all time favs. I'm from CA.

I'll take some of your dislikes for you; chocolate, paddle boats and mowing grass as long as it's a rider =]

Thanks for visiting the tree house, Allen. I'll be back soon to visit you again~~

Lynda said...

Not like chocolate?!!! You are only the second person I have known in 59 years who does not like chocolate - - and I am NOT the second one.

Allen said...

@ Michael, Yeah I owned that many snakes. It was great too. I never knew grown men could run so fast. I even had one jump over a car when I showed him my snake.

@ Pat, I don't think I could live with out a tub to soak in.

@ Rae, Well I need to see the state code on that. hehe

@ Larry, The smell of orange blossoms are just wonderful.

@ Beth, I will make a trip to South Bend just to ride in your Mustang!

@ Wonder Man, yes they were fun. I enjoyed watching them eat their prey.

@ Stephen, Thanks

@ Lille Diane, You can have my dislikes. I will give them to you! Thanks for stopping by and following me!

@ Miss Lynda, its funny but I dont like any sort of chocolate. White or brown. Now carmel, I love.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments!


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