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Sunday, September 6, 2009

News Recap - Aug 30th thru Sept 5th 2009

I decided to make Allen's Weekly News section. The icon above is also in my side bar, all you have to do is click it and it will take you to all my weekly news.

I am going to recap every thing that I posted about during the week. I will also be adding different tid bits, things that don't need a full post. You will see this section every Sunday.

This weeks news recap:

Monday: Camp Chautauqua - Miamisburg, Ohio - Up Date
Quick links to Camp Chautauqua and Eastern Baptist Association

Tuesday: How to lose weight with out counting calories
In this post I discuss how I lost 110 pounds in one year.

Wednesday: Guessing Game
In this post I asked how old I was in a picture.

Thursday: Guessing Game Answer
In this post I give the answer to the Guessing Game.

Friday: Michael said: "You know everyone"
In this post I talk about my encounters with old friends at Wal-Mart.

Saturday: Beef Sandwich a la LeQuieu
I posted an old family recipe from the late 1800's.

I woke up hearing a lawn mower this morning. A man was mowing my ditch. I found out that he was the one that killed my flowers.

Sunday: Extreme Sheep Art
I posted a video that I found on It a very cool video.

Went grocery shopping this morning. Man was it crowded.

There you go,


Lynda said...

So do you think the man was trying to be helpful - - - or to make your yard conform with his? Years ago in another city, we had a very sweet neighbor who rode his/her riding lawn mower almost every day in the fall when the leaves dropped. This person did our yard and the other neighbor's. The only problem was the mower "skinned" all the grass off our yard cuz the blade was kept low and the ground was mowed when wet. The grass just gave up. Also, this would start as early as 7 on Saturday morning - -the one day we could sleep till at least 8 or 9. My husband finally told this person how much he appreciated the help but he really missed working in the yard.

Allen said...


I talked with my neighbors that I like and they said this guy is a prick. If he doesnt like something he changes it. Whether its his yard or not.

He even cut down one of my small trees. I dont know why he is this way. I just hope who ever moves in here can handle this guy.

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