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Thursday, October 22, 2009

When It Rains it Pours

As you know, I was hired at Macy's and got that job for a Temporary Position for the Holidays. I had another interview Yesterday with Staples, I also have that Job, but with Staples its going to be part-time with almost full time hours. On my way home from that interview, I received a call from Things Remembered. I have an interview with them today. So as Howard said "When it Rains it Pours". I thought how appropriated.


When we first arrived we checked on the License here in Florida via their web-site. It said that Tag was going to cost $135.00 and $50.00 for the title transfer. I wrote a small post about it.

When we got to the tag office yesterday, we were shocked to find out that on September 1st the prices had jumped up 48%. So now instead of $185.00 for my tags, its going to cost me $450.00. Talk about crazy. I mean why would they do this. I searched and found out that the state is running low on money, so that is the increase.

The thing that is most crazy about all this, is how many others are moving to this state and not knowing that the prices have changed so much. I had a budget set for everything, and since I lived here in the past, I set what I thought was a reasonable amount back for tags. Which was $200.00, I was way way off. Its really scary to think that they are raising the prices so much, to cover jobs that they really dont need. I swear our government is getting out of hand. They are getting way to large, and they are in way over their heads.


Larry Ohio said...

License fees :-( Yikes

Sue said...

COngrats on yet ANOTHER job!
As for the license fees-Michigan is in the same money, and they are raising EVERYTHING!! Let's just punish those who choose to remain here. It's never-ending!

Kyle Leach said...

Those aren't license fees that's monetary rape. They know it is a good revenue source, one that offers a license for something most people can't do without. Congrats on the continuing job offers Allen! I guess the hard part will be deciding which is the most advantageous for you to take?

Unknown said...

Kudos on giving great interview, and having your choice of jobs!

Jeanette said...

How wonderful about the jobs! That is stellar! For the tabs....holy cow!

John said...

I've always heard it's easier to get a job, when you still have one (for those wanting a different job). I knew you'd get job... especially after the haircut LOL! I think that sealed the deal.

As for the licensing fees...welcome to Florida--one of those states with NO STATE INCOME instead, they gouge you every way you can imagine! I bet in reality with all those high fees, you pay more than if you did have an income tax!

Lynda said...

Good thing you have so many job offers. It will help you pay for the tags so you can drive to work!

Pat said...

Holy Moley! That's a lot of dough for tags! What if you don't have the money? Can you pay on time or something? Geez!

Congrats on yet ANOTHER job!

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