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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Voice

I have put a new widget on my site. Its called Google Voice. Google voice is a voice messaging system. That allows you have have a phone number that is different from you home or cell phone. But when a caller calls the number it forwards it to your home, cell phone, or work numbers. Or all of them.

It has several different features:
  1. Your own phone number.
  2. Voice Mail with voice recognition and transfers it to text.
  3. Free Text Messaging
  4. Contacts - with a personal greeting for each person, a place for a picture of your friend.
  5. Widgets for your site.
  6. Depending on who calls you, it will forward the call to a certain phone. i.e.: house phone, or cell phone, work phone. etc. Or all of them.
  7. You can record a personal greetings for each person on your list or for different widgets. (like I have this call feature here and on my myspace account. Different messages for both.)

This does not replace your phone service, but allows you more options than ever before.

Just click on the button above, enter your name and phone number and hit connect. Its that simple. Google calls you first and then calls me.

Where did I find this? A friend told me about it. He said you have to be invited to it. Its still in beta version. I think I was lucky to have been invited. I really love it. It has connected me to old friends and new friends alike.

I think Google has it going on!
Call me,


Larry Ohio said...

You're the second guy I know who has this new experimental service. He loves it too. Your point #6 above is the coolest thing about this service.

Lynda said...

That sounds pretty neat. Technology is amazing - - - and I left you a comment on my comments regarding the halo!

Michael said...

I have Google Voice also, it's amazing!

You can get an invitation from many places like

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