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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Matty's Gay Bar - Wilton Manors

Yesterday I was called into work early, by the copy and print specialist. I am going to start calling him Mr. Bronks. Mr. Bronks is 6' tall, outgoing, black hair, brown eyes, and a sweet personality. I went in early and relieved him and he asked me if I want to join him and his friends to a going away party for his roommate last night. I said sure I would love to go.

Work went good, except my high speed copier broke, so now we have to wait for it to be fixed.

After work I went home to get ready to go to the going away party for Mr. Bronks roommate. Mr. Bronks was texting me asking if I was going. I text him back and said I am on my way. Mr. Bronks said we were going to a Bar called Matty's on Wilton Drive. Mr. Bronks told me where to park.

When I got there, I went to the parking area where he said, but it was packed. I drove around for ever and then I was lucky enough to find a guy pulling out. Another car thought he was going to take it, but he was mistaken. I pulled in very quickly.

I called Mr. Bronks and said I am here, he said I will be right there. He showed up a couple of minutes later. He said lets go, we started walking to our destination. It was about 3 block away. He asked about work and then he said, we are not talking about work anymore tonight. I agreed.

As we got close to Matty's there were 3 guys walking into Matty's parking lot. Mr. Bronks said hey, they all stopped and we walked up to them, Mr. Bronks introduced me to them. We walked into Matty's. Matty's bar is quite small. It has a bar in the middle, and a pool table off to the side. It also had wii blowing on a large screen tv. The place was a bit crowded. Two tables and a bench to sit on. So it was basically standing room only. What surprised me was, that its a non-smoking bar.

Mr. Bronks bought me a beer and handed it to me, I pretty much sipped on it all night. Mr. Bronks has 3 to my 1 in the first couple of hours. Mr. Bronks was complaining that I only drank one beer. But some else piped up and said he is a responsible drinker. This guy would be right, since I used to be a member of Mothers against drunk driving.

I felt a bit out of place. I only knew Mr. Bronks. So I pretty much just stood there and listened. About 1 am Mr. Bronks received a text that said I see you. He looked around and couldnt figure out who it was. He texted the guy back and said come outside. This guy walks out of the bar to where we were, wow what a hottie. You know I have a thing for short guys. So here stood a god in my eyes. Short, with blond hair, a six pack, nice muscle tone, and a cute ass. He told us that he doesn't date anyone, he likes being single. I found out he used to work for Staples and he said he will never work retail again. Its not for everyone.

About 2:30 am, I was tired and ready to call it a night. I told Mr. Bronks, I was leaving and we hugged. I told everyone good bye and shook each one of their hands. One of them said why so early. I said I still have a blog post to do. They chattered about that. But I was out. As I walked down the street to my car, I thought I would have never done this in Indiana. Walking on the streets there at night is well not a good thing. But here, I felt like I was all safe and at home. It was a weird feeling.

On the way home, I got lost. I have drove to Wilton Manors in the Day light, but never at night. So my 20 minute drive home turned into a hour drive home. I got into the bed after 4am.

Thanks again Mr. Bronks for a great night!!


John said...

You stayed longer than I would have, but hey what a great way to get out and have someone local introduce you to new places and new people. Don't take your safety for granted though please! And check your email--the playitontheweb email.

Lynda said...

My thought is it is great to have friendships with coworkers after work but be careful. If the friendship ever goes badly, then your working relationship can be adversely affected.

- - - and there may come a day in a few years that being out after midnight is not as appealing as it is now - - - because you can't see as well or maybe because your body craves rest more than entertainment . . . . . . . . etc.

Pat said...

Glad you had a good time, but Miss Lynda has some good words of advice, too!

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