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Monday, February 1, 2010

Me and Technology

Back in 2001 I thought I was pretty smart with computers. Until my computer crashed. I had confendince that I could fix it. I went and bought the part for it, put it in, and turned on the computer. I dont know what I did wrong but it started up and then the screen flashed. I had fried the mother board.

Friday was my last post. Friday my computer decided it was tired, it shut itself off, never to be turned back on. Michael figured out that it was the power supply and I bought a new one. I said I have the new power supply, he said go put it into your computer. I looked at him like "deer in the headlights look". He said he would supervise me doing it.

I followed his instructions to a T. I got every thing done and turned on the computer. It worked. I was happy and sad. Sad because a few programs that I had running at the time, are gone forever. I have to reinstall them. Its like staring all over. I am just glad that I saved my pictures and general information on a flash drive that I got at christmas time. So all was not a complete loss.



Pat said...

My old lap top died. Well, the monitor did. And I have some things on that computer that I didn't transfer to our larger computer. So my husband has to hook up another monitor to it, if possible, and see if I can get the data off of it. It's like losing a friend, isn't it? LOL!

Lynda said...

Bummer on the lost data. But at least you did not have to buy everything new. Computers are such a necessary part of life, aren't they? We truly feel lost without one.

Allen said...

Pat, You can hook up a monitor and just use your lap top that way. You can even hook up a keyboard and mouse to it as well. I know several people that do that.

Miss Lynda, Computers are a major part of life these days. Aren't they?


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