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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New $100 Bill - Have you seen it?

Have you seen this new $100 bill? This is just crazy. It makes me wonder how much money they spent to make this new bill?



Cubby said...

With all those fancy features, they make it very easy for an expert to tell the difference between a real bill and a counterfeit. But what about the teenager working down at Ma & Pa's corner store? He's the one who needs to be able to spot a fake. If the teenager can't tell the difference then all those fancy features are a waste.

Allen said...

Chubby, that is so true. At work we have the pens that allows you to know if the bills are fake or not. But now we also have a scanner for them. The show you all the features that are on bills. Like the strip that runs through them. and other features. Pretty crazy these days.

Pat said...

Interesting.... Unfortunately I don't come across many $100 bills in my day to day life, LOL! At least these new ones don't look like Monopoly money like some of the other paper money that they've redone.

I don't know if it's a good idea to show exactly EVERYTHING they've put into the bill - gives crooks all the ammunition they need to see what they need to reproduce!

Lillian Robinson said...

There's so many different bills floating around now, I don't think most people know what the real ones are supposed to look like!

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