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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Public Restrooms

For the past 5 month I have had the task at work to clean the "Public Restrooms". Here are my findings.

Women are nasty, nasty people. I mean, they pee on the floor, crap in the trash cans (it happened last night) I was gagging all over the place, blood down the walls and down the front of the toilets. Its gross! What about their hands? Do they wash them? No they dont.

Mens restroom - has more paper towels in the trash cans than the Women. Its true guys wash their hands more then women. ewwww


I went searching for a Public Restroom Sign and found all these, check them out.

Old Style

Projected sign

I love this sign, You know which is which. hehe

This was another cool one that I saw.

Something tells me that there is a problem in this restroom.

This one is cute. hehe

Disney Themed signs

Funny huh?

I dont know why any guy would do this. But here is the proof.

Western Signs.


I have to work all day today,



Pat said...

Oooh, I think you opened a can of worms here. So you think women are worse than men in the restrooms, huh? I don't know. I do know that I wash my hands every time I use the restroom! LOL!

Pooping in the garbage can? Are you kidding me? WTF?

Allen said...

not kidding you at all. The first time it happened, I thought it was bad, but the second time was just sick. I just cannot figure it out either.

Lillian Robinson said...

I once had the 'pleasure' of cleaning restrooms in a factory. YUCK! My experience were the men were nastier. I don't even want to write the things they did! But seriously, I was disgusted by both sexes. I wondered if they lived like that at home.

Allen said...

Lily, I too wonder if they live like that at home, cause if they do. OMG ewwwww

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