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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Advertising - Making changes

After I put this Trunk Sign on and had it there for a day, I realized that red is not a good color to be on green. It clashes so much that from a cars length away you cannot read "It" or ".com".

It was suggested to me to make it in Yellow print. I did that and it looks so much better. You can see it really good now.
What I did was fixed my design, printed it out, trimmed it down to size and then laminated with the adhesive backing. I pulled off the old laminate and pressed on the new one.

I made another Window Shade today. From what I hear I am going to be making them for a long time. =o)




Cubby said...

You're right Allen. Looks great.

Lynda said...

That is a good color "re-design". Good thinking and good eye for color, Allen. It sounds like you are enjoying this extra job.

Allen said...

Cubby, Misslynda - you know, its one thing to see it in the computer and another to see it in person.

I think it looks much better now. =o)

John said...

Your creativity amazes me! I think with some more samples you just might have a nice little side business! I have bought vehicle magnets before for the flower shop, so email if you're interested in what I paid! ca-ching ca-ching!

Pat said...

It DOES really stand out better in the second one! Good catch!

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