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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Precious

Michael and I was sitting on the porch and up walks this momma duck and two chicks. I ran into the house and got a piece of bread and my camera. I asked Michael to take pictures for me while I fed them.

These little ones were just too cute. I think the momma was more hungry than the chicks. But I tried to give them each the same amount. But the mother took most of it.

Have a great day all,


Lynda said...

You all are having to keep an extra supply of bread because the word is out that your house is the place to eat!!!

Allen said...

@ MissLynda, LOL that is a good one. It is true though. =o)

Cubby said...

The pics look great! I got some good pics of a duck today at lunch too. I'll post them later.

Pat said...

Maybe momma duck needs her strength to show baby ducks where to GO for food, like ALLEN'S PLACE! LOL!

Allen said...

@ Cubby - Cant wait to see them!!

@ Pat - Yeah they stop by about every couple of days. =o)

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