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Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't you hate people that steal?

We are having a problem with theft at work. I am talking about Customers that makes copies of our coupons that we mail out each month. Last month I sent out 1,300 coupons, we have received over 4,000 coupons back. 6 coupons per sheet, ranging between $15 - $55 off. (you do the math)

The owner came to me and said fix this problem. I did my research on the internet. I found this really cool paper that changes the background if its copied, but it cost big bucks to buy. So that is out of the question.

What I did was this:

1. I changed the wording on the coupons. It used to say: Save with our coupons. Now it says: Save with our Flyer.
2. I added a copyright notice at the bottom of each page, and added a Disclaimer at the top that says: Flyer cannot be copied or cut.
3. I also found on the internet embossers, so that we can emboss each flyer before we mail them out.

I hope this takes care of the problem. But I am sure someone out there is going to try to steal from us in different ways. Its crazy to think that people would out right steal.

Is there not any honest people in the world anymore?


Lynda said...

Yes, there are a few of us honest people left. I don't even go hog-wild with coupons at the grocery store. It is not right to take advantage of "a good thing" because that privilege could be taken away.
I am proud of your resourcefulness in finding a solution. . . . and it's GOOD to hear from you again!

Pat said...

You are one smart cookie! I hope your boss appreciates you!

Cody Barth said...

I find it funny that today I read this post and just last night I was solving our already resurfacing theft problem at my work. I am a manager at the food court where I go to school. Dishonest people come in all the time and steall food. The hardest part is NOT getting them to stop but rather having my coworkers and employees growing teh courage to say something to the theves. Twice I heard employees say "it isn't their job" and "I don't get paid enough." sigh, so I put it in the hand book on the last page in bold letter and handed out the it is punishable by termination. Its harsh and i will probrabvly never fire someone for it but at least those excuses aren't valid anymore.

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