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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have you ever Embarrassed Yourself?

I have been for the past two months working part-time at Staples in the Copy and Print Center.

Last night, I was working and a friend (customer) came in and we laughed and had a good time. When that customer left this lady came in, she wanted me to print her CD cover. I printed it out and the document was not sized right. I showed it to her, she looked it over. She showed me her other CD cover and then placed it back into her purse.

I said you know if you would put two of these the same size and reached into her purse and pulled out the CD cover with out thinking about it. As soon as my hand was out of her purse I freaked out. I apologized to her for reaching into her purse. (momma taught me better than that) I was so Embarrassed!

I showed her that if she put two covers on one sheet she could save money. She agreed with me, she said she would be back. I apologized again to her, she said its okay. She said "I know it was innocent, its okay"

She even told me she is going to bring me a cd.

I found a song on the internet. Its really good. Give it a listen.

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Lynda said...

That is funny - - - but as you said, it is embarrassing. I did not know you were back at Staples - - - same one or one nearer your new home? I helped increase their profits yesterday - - needed a new router and mouse - - - was helped by a very knowledgeable young man who is a definite computer geek. His excitement for computers was contagious. I told him I would look for him next time I needed anything "tech" related.

Pat said...

That's funny! I've done things like that. The woman seemed to understand that it was totally innocent!

I, too, didn't know that you went back to Staples.

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