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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chinese Drywall Part 2

I know I was going to write more the next day and didnt, but work has been keeping me busy as all get out.

Second Week of February

Once we found out we has Chinese Drywall, we wanted out of that place. I was talking to a friend at Staples and she told me that her grandmother was a Realtor. I called her the very next day and she took down my email address and she sent us some houses that was up for rent in our area.

She gave us about 8 different places to go and look at. The boys Michael and Kevin went scouting while I was working. Michael and Kevin said that we found 4 that we liked and wanted our Realtor to show us inside them. They said there is one that they both really liked and though I would love it too.

I call the Realtor and she calls around and gets all the lock codes and told us to meet her at the first house. The first house as kinda nice except it had a tenant in the front of the house. We did not want to live in a double. The second house was cool cause it had a pool out back, but once inside we did not like it at all. It smelled like cat piss and that was just gross. We went to all of them by the last house I was getting upset. I mean there wasn't one house that was what we needed.

The last house was the best by far. I just wished it had a pool. But I can live without it, since the beach is only 5 mins away. We found this house to be just perfect. The lawn is landscaped there is like 6 palm trees in the yard, a huge deck in the back yard, three bedrooms and two baths. A sun room and ceiling fans through out the house. The bedrooms are large and nice. I walked this house 3 times, went from room to room. I fell in love with it. Its still in the area I wanted to be in plus its in a great neighborhood, still close the downtown Wilton Manors. When the Realtor showed us this house, I said I wanted it, Michael and Kevin both agreed. She said we needed to meet her the next day and start the paper work. The Realtor called me the next day and said I have good news and bad news. My heart sank. I said ok, she said "there are some people that already put their paperwork in one day before us, but she said they dont have all their ducks in a row. She told us to meet her at her office and we will put our paper work in anyways. We agreed and headed towards her office. On the way there Michael had the bright idea that we offer them $50 more in rent a month. Just to show the owners that we are really interested. The Realtor said this is a first for her in the past 30 years of being in the business. She has never had someone say they would pay more on rent. Our Realtor fill out our paper work and told us the process....

The paper work has to go to their Realtor and then to the owners of the house. Then the reply would flow back the same way.

Third week of February

We decided that we wanted to be out of the containment town house by March 1st. We did not want to stay there anymore. Nor did we want to pay another months rent. Days went by, I was like an expecting dad waiting for a baby to be born. I was pacing at work and packing at home. I did not stop to even take a break. Two days later our Realtor called me and said Allen I have great news for you. You got the house! I was like what your kidding. She said the others that applied for it did not give them all the appropriate paper work. She said we needed a check for deposit and come over to sign the lease. I called Michael on his phone and told him the good news. But for some strange reason he did not act excited. It really freaked me out. I thought it would have re-leaved some of the stress that he had too. After I hung up I thought I should have called Kevin cause I know he would have been excited. I found out later that Michael was trying to pull one over on Kevin, but it back fired, cause it screwed with me instead of Kevin.

The roller coaster begins.....

Our Realtor called and said we hit a snag. I asked what kind of snag. She said that she just received an email from the other Realtor that said that our credit scores weren't high enough and we didn't have proof of income. Our Realtor tried on many occasions to contact their Realtor and never could get a hold of him. She would call me and say "I just cannot figure out why he doesn't pick up his phone!" Michael emailed our Realtor our proof of income. She then forwarded it to their Realtor. He then forwarded it to the home owners. Days past and we didnt hear anything. We thought we better start looking for another place to live. Even though that house would fit our needs.

Forth Week.....

Here we are in the forth week and still no word. I called our Realtor and she said she still did not hear anything. She said she would try to get a hold of the other Realtor and see what happened. I was at work when Michael texted me and said "the owner just called" She wanted more information, like renters history etc. She said she was having a hard time contacting her Realtor and was getting as frustrated as we are. We had two to many middle men. We sent her the phone numbers of our past rentals. She called them the same night. She said she would make her final decisions in a couple of days.
We really thought that we were going to be stuck in our Town home for another month. It was getting to close to March 1st.
Its February 28th and we were approved to move in. We had to meet our Realtor at 5pm and the home owners Realtor at the house to do our walk through and get the keys to our new home.

By 9am March 1st we had completely moved in. We packed the truck the night before and started early in the morning. By 3pm on March 1st we had our final walk through at our town home. Talk about a busy 2 days.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy....

Front of house

Living room


My bedroom

Laundry room


Deck and Gazebo

Landscaped back yard.

I just love it here!


Pat said...

Wow! It was long and drawn out, but finally all came through for you! Glad it all worked out. Looks like a nice place!

Lynda said...

All that waiting...I would have been half crazy! But it looks like it was worth the wait.....that deck, gazebo, and back yard are amazing!

Cubby said...

Oh my, what a story! I'm so glad you got out of the sick house and into the house you wanted. I'm happy it worked out.

Allen said...

Thanks everyone I am really enjoying the new home. We are going to have a meet and greet this friday. I cannot wait to meet the home owners.

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