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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfect day for the beach.

Today was a nice day off. We went to the beach expecting a nice quite time. Well none of us thought anything about it being spring break. It was packed, all the parking places were full. I suggested a place in front of a hotel and we were lucky to find a place to park. The day was perfect, it was about 82 degrees with a light wind blowing.

Once we got to our favorite spot, we unload all of our stuff. I took a nice blanket, its a moving blanket that works great on the beach. Its thick enough that you cant feel all the debris under you. (dried seaweed and shells) The boys took folding chairs.

We sat all of our stuff down and headed into the ocean. The water was quite cold, every time a wave would roll by me, I would scream out. I had goose bumps all over my body. We stayed in the water for sometime, we played with a Frisbee. Once out of the water we laid on our towels and sun bathed. (more like baked) With the breeze blowing over you, you couldn't tell that your being baked.

I am a people watcher, always have been. Today was a good day to watch, I saw so many people. I saw this man and lady walking by, had to be in their early 70's. The man was wearing a bathing trunks, that was up past his bellybutton. I thought that was to funny. Then these boys walked by showing their asses. A guy walked out of the ocean wearing a bright lemon colored thong. It was so gross looking at his package. I mean ewww I did not want to see that.

We stayed on the beach for over 2 hours.


Lynda said...

So glad you got a day to relax. After moving, you all definitely deserved it - - - - even if your eyes got assaulted by views other than the sun and water!

Cubby said...

It's funny you guys forgot about spring break. We made that mistake too when we lived in Florida. After that, anytime we went to the beach we considered whether or not it would be packed before we left the house.

Pat said...

A fun day at the beach! How nice! I miss the ocean!

Wonder Man said...

I'm sure it's SB on regular like it is here

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