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Friday, July 29, 2011

I am sorry I couldn't tell you.

I wanted so bad to get on here and just tell the whole world about it, but I was sworn to secrecy.

Well I have had some changes going on, I was asked by our District manager to change stores. He said that the other store requested me to work there. I accepted the position. ( it was just a transfer - no more money) I calculated the miles difference and its only 2 miles further.

Last week was my first week there, its been a learning experience. Not only do I have to learn the new crew, new direction to the store, new phone numbers, and I have to learn where everything goes. The store is laid out completely different. I mean nothing is where its supposed to be.

My second day the GM said Allen I need you to go to a store in southern Florida. The District Manager has asked every store to send at least 1 high profile person. As the GM was leaving for the day, she said "make me proud".

The next day, I was there at 7 am. It took me over 45 minutes to drive there, thank goodness I have a gps or I would have never found it.

Once inside I was surprised at how many was there. The DM was there and 4 GM's, 3 CSL's, (1 being me) All total I believe there were 10 of us. The DM however did surprise me too, he rolled up his sleeves and worked just as hard as the rest of us.

The rest of the week went pretty good. I will keep you posted.

I decided to include some helpful tips about Staples here they are:

1. Did you know that Staples doesn't just carry office supplies. They also carry food items, such as Cereal, snacks, Coffee, & Cokes.

2. Did you know if you buy something at and you don't want it delivered to your home, you can opt to ship it to your store?

3. Did you know that you can buy a protection plan for any item that either takes batteries or electricity?

4. Do you know about the Business Discount Program in the Copy and Print Center? For small to large businesses or non-profit organisations , you can ask to be added to the program and get instant savings.

5. Did you know if you recycle your old ink cartridges that Staples will give you $2 for each on your rewards account. (up to 10 a month)

6. Did you know that you can spend your rewards coupon on anything in Staples?

7. Did you know with Staples Rewards program you get 10% back on your card when you purchase ink, toner, copy paper or anything you do in the Staples Copy Center?

8. If you get a Survey on your receipt, please take the time to do it. Its either a 1 800 number or a website. (website is easy) The stores gets graded on those. And if your associate did good or bad please mention that in the comments section with their name. Staples will enter you into a drawing for a shopping spree.

I hope these tips helps you =o)


Pat said...

You must be doing SOMETHING right if the other store requested you by name! I'd say a raise can't be too far off in the future! So I'm congratulating you for doing a great job!

Cubby said...

This is really good news, Allen. Things are really coming together.

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