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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So very Disappointed

I have a friend that had a heart attack, I went to the hospital to visit him, but at a distant cause I had a bad cold and didnt want to make him sick on top of everything else.

He had 4 arteries clogged. They put one stint in and are going to do more later after his heart gets stronger.

I decided to pop in and see him at his house. I go up and knock on the door but no answer. I went around to the back to see if he was in the back yard. As soon as I cleared the house, there he sat on a chair and SMOKING! I just stood there for a few second, turned around, didn't say one word to him. I went back home. I havent said anything to him. I was so very Disappointed in him. I mean he is supposed to let his heart heal up.

I am just so sad right now.


Luke Plus said...

Thats just sad to hear !! Well I think you did the right thing leaving, cause how can you show respect to someone who is not even respecting himself. I am sure you learnt from it though !

Luke Plus

Lynda said...

I do know it is VERY difficult to quit smoking - - - been there, done that after my college years. We have seen people on oxygen still smoking when their lungs are close to gone.

Pat said...

That is sad, but smoking is an ADDICTION. I would think it would be hard to quit cold turkey, not matter if you KNOW how bad it is for you. Didn't you quit not too long ago? Maybe you can talk to him about it.

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