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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miami Zoo

My friends called me up the other day, and asked if Kevin and I would like to go to the zoo with them? I said I would love to. Kevin declined to go. 

An hour and a half it took is to get there. The drive down was nice.  

Once we got there, I was ready to stretch out.  We pulled into our parking space, parking is free by the way.  Now the problem with being our first time there was, there were no signs saying where the entrance was.  We walked and walked, turned around and walked some more. I was getting frustrated.  It took us about 20 minutes to find the entrance.  We paid $16 to get in. Nice price too.  The place is huge, its sitting on 740 acres. 

(some of these pictures are blurry - I was trying out the digital zoom.)

 crazy looking fish
 white monkey
 black monkey
I just love this picture - tree kangaroo 

 turtles having a meeting.
The tree monkey was playing with its tail.
but it looks like he has a mustache. lol 

This is an eagle. If I saw this out, I would freak out.  

dont remember but its cute and fuzzy. 
 This monkey was smiling at me.
 These two monkeys were begging for food.

running hyena 
running camel 

Over all it was a great day just to relax and spend quality time with my friends. I was exhausted from all the walking we did. We managed to walk at a fast pace and see the entire park in 4 hours. I dont think I will try that again. lol

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