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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why did you choose to be gay?


Pat said...

That surely tells it like it is. Why would people "choose" to be gay and put themselves through all the pain and suffering of prejudice, possible life endangerment, etc? From what I understand, it is a struggle within to understand, for instance, why as a boy growing up, he isn't attracted to girls, but yet he thinks of his friend on his baseball team.

But if we were all alike, this world would sure be boring!

Lynda said...

Hey, Allen - - - I am behind in reading blogs - - just saw this.

Your friends don't hate you. You seem like a really sweet person with a gentle nature and considerate of others. Don't let people who don't have those qualities change your personality. You seem like the type of person who looks first for the good in others - - - I pray there are enough of those 'good ones' to surround you and keep you encouraged!

There are problems all over the world - - - with issues like this and many other issues - - - different religions, skin color, economic status in life, etc. Remember God will judge each of our hearts and actions - - - so keep your heart pure. Don't let the hate of others permeate you.

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