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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Time In My Life

Its the first time in my life that I have been put on disability. Its called short term disability.  I went to my family doctor. When he walked into the room, he said "oh god you again" I just lol at him. He said what is wrong now? I said my foot is swollen. He said well that is expected with a blood clot. I said not that foot the other one. He had a shocked look on his face.  He examined my foot. He said well your left foot cannot hold up the entire weight of your body.  He said stay home as much as possible, and stay off your feet.  He said dont be a slug though. Get out once in awhile but for the most part stay home. Use the crutches all the time.

So what about work I asked.  He said you need to go on short term disability. He wrote me prescriptions and sent it to the pharmacy. The doctors office that I go to, has a pharmacy right there, so I just have to walk across the hall.

I had to wait for my scripts to be filled, so I called my HR department and told them what my doctor told me. They transferred me to another department and they are sending me the files and I now have a case worker that is going to be calling me. When I was talking to HR I told them I had been out since last monday, I had to go to the ER. She told me the good news, that when anyone goes to the ER the month waiting period is waved. So I will not be with out money. I will only receive 60% of my pay check. They will still take out taxes and the health insurance. I will be lucky to get 45% of the check. I suppose that is better than nothing though.

P.s. I forgot to tell you, on the way to the doctors office at a green traffic light the cars were stopped, I looked ahead of us, and two cars in front of us, this guy jumps out of his car with his hands up in the air flapping them all over the place. I thought his car was on fire or something. Nope he was chasing a gecko (little lizard) out of the street. He didnt want a car to squish it. I laughed at that, since there is only about a billion of them down here. 


John said...

Glad you went back to the Dr. I've been concerned about you, especially your swelled foot. Why is it swelled though? If you don't know, then I hope you will find out. You must be sure that you have good circulation. I don't think that can wait until your Aug. appt w/ the vascular specialist. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I think you need a lot of tests done and hope you get the very best of medical care. I sure wish you a speedy recovery, my friend!

Allen said...

John, It is because I have been walking, on my left foot only, and because I have to use the crutches, and use my left foot only. The doctor said that since the swelling goes down at night then its just being used to much during the day. So I must stay off of it.

John said...

That's a relief to know why it is swollen. A broken ankle would cause swelling of the foot too. If you have pain there, you might need it x-rayed. I guess you can tell I am a little leary of some Doctors! Take care :)

Pat said...

You poor thing! If it's not one thing it's another! I know using crutches is NOT an easy thing! At least you are a thin guy; when I had to use crutches, it was NOT easy moving this big ole body around! I sure hope you are on the road to recovery real soon! STAY OFF YOUR FEET!!!

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