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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Longest Day of The Year

Today was going to be a great day.  A day to go to see the surgeon about my leg.  Kevin and I were talking about going and playing tennis, after my leg was fixed.

Kevin comes into my room and asked if I was ready to go.  I said yes. I wanted to have the laser procedure done so that I could get on with my life. I wanted to start exercising and lose weight.
I have had verocluse veins for over 15 years now.  To long if you ask me.

So we go to the doctor’s visit. He did an ultrasound on my leg and compared it to the last one he did a week prior.  He came into the room and said well not good news.  The vein that we was worried about, well the blood clot moved to that point that we think it’s bad enough for you to go to the Emergency room.  Kevin was liv-ved.  He was angry that this doctor swee did not put me on blood thinners last week. He was mad that now I have to make a decision that I don’t want to make.  Kevin drove me to the ER.  We sat outside for the longest time.  Wondering what I should do about it. Kevin said “I know what I would do, but that is me and not you.”  He would have gotten the pills and took his chances.  I on the other hand, well I don’t like them odds, so I decided to play it safe.

Looking back I think I should have taken a chance.  Cause I hate
fucking needles.  Once in the Emergency Room, I handed the receptionist my paperwork.  She said right this way. They put me in Room 8, it is right across the hall from the nurses’ station.  So I got to see nurses come and go, come and go, over and over again. About a half hour goes by and this, very hot little (21yo) boy comes into my room. He said Mr. Mc-Cal- a how do you pronounce your name?   I said Allen, just call me Allen. He laughed at that. He said my name is Krys and I am here to draw blood and hook up your IV.  I looked at him and said no you’re not. He asked why not. I said the doctor has not even told me what is going on.  He said no matter what he tells you, you will need blood work. I agreed and the nasty process started.  Krys said what arm do you want this in? I said I did not care. So he put it into my right arm.  Now I should have said my left since I do everything right handed.  Krys was cute, about 5’ 10” tall, short blond hair and blue eyes. Nice ass too.
Krys gets this IV in my arm and then he leaves.  I see people come and people go, over and over again.
The ER Doctor comes in for a visit and asked why I was there today, I was emotional by that time, and I asked Kevin to explain it to him. Kevin was in the process of explaining what and why we were there, the doctor asked a question, and Kevin was starting to answer.  The doctor was quite rude and shhhhhhed Kevin.  Kevin stopped talking and boy the look on his face. I so could tell he was pissed the fuck off and I know why he was pissed the fuck off.
The doctor ordered an ultra sound on my leg, now this is the second one in the same day. I don’t understand why the information can’t go with you.  A card needs to be designed so that, all medical records are on it. Including links to all files, like EKG’S and ultra sounds. If you go from one doctor to another you have to fill out countless sheets of paperwork. It’s just nuts. The system is all screwed up.
Back to the story.
So this really pretty girl came in with the machine to do the ultra-sound.  She looked every thing over and told me and Kevin that she could see the blood clot. I asked if her machine could see the last visit and this visit.  She said no, but she did however go over all my files before she came into the room.  She was pleasant.  She said she is going on vacation for 12 days and for us to have a better day.
We sat in the ER for over 2 hours, just waiting. Then Art, my nurse came in and said they are admitting me and I would probably be here for 6-10 days.  Kevin went off on Art, about we haven’t even seen the doctor, that no one told us anything until you walked in and said we were going upstairs. Art threw up his hands and said, I am just the messenger. He said let me go get the doctor.  Dr. Myers walks in about 15 mins later. He said that he spoke with Dr. D and its Dr. D that wanted me to stay in the Hospital.  I am getting put on pills and they want to regulate it. 
I asked Art about my meds that I was supposed to take on a daily basis. He said they would take care of that up stairs. I said ok.  I asked how long he thought it would be before he moved me.  He said at least 45 minutes.  45 minutes came and went. I was starting to get angry when I heard, “don’t tell me to be quiet” in a man’s voice then I heard “sir please calm down or we are going to call security. “ The woman that said that did it with authority. The man, said “Oh please call the fucking security I don’t fucking care”.  Not even 5 minutes later the ER Desk was covered with security.
As the guy continued to scream, all the nurses came to my side of the ER. So they blocked my view of the action.  Funny thing was, Krys the cute boy, was the one that was right in front of my door.  He was standing there talking to his co- workers about what had just happened.  I was staring at Krys, and thinking how wrong I was for looking at him. I have a partner, I should know better. But in the past, we had agreed that we could look but not touch.  So looking is what I did, his shoulders were brawd, his stance was straight up. He had the V shape to him, down to his cute little ass.

After the excitement was over everyone went back to doing what they was doing in the first place.  Milling about to and from.  Busy bee’s hovering around the hive.Then a guy comes into my room, he said I need to do an EKG on you. I asked is this going to hurt, he said I am going to shock you silly. I did not like that answer, because not too long ago, I had the Neurologist doing just that with my legs and feet.  Kevin piped up and said it won’t hurt a bit; taking those tabs off you will hurt you more.   The guy laughed and said awe I was just having fun.  I gave him a fake laugh, to show him that his humor was not good. But it did make me really laugh, which I really needed.  It did not take long at all, it was over quick.
Art said, have a great weekend, he was out. I thanked him, and then he told me it would not be much longer. I did not hold my breath this time.
I asked Kevin if he would go home and get me a few things, like this laptop and some movies that I could watch a blanket that my sister made me, personal items etc.  He said that was a great idea and he headed out the door; he stopped in the door and said are you sure?  I said yes. I will call you when I get into the room.  He said ok.
It wasn’t long after Kevin left that they took me up to my room.  My room has 2 beds in it, which was totally disgusting.  There were carts, and walkers, and equipment strung around the room.  All the things that this guy that was in the bed next to me. I overheard the nurse say that he was leaving.  I was thinking he needs to go now, cause, well I couldn’t handle the filth. My bed was not even made; the guy that did my EKG also took me up to my room. He said I cannot believe that your bed is not ready.  He made my bed, and I asked for blankets, the room was set on very low, I thought I could see my breath. Not really but it was cold. 
Now that I am in my room, it’s approaching 6:30 pm.  I asked for more blankets, and the PCA came in and said hi, I am Steven your PCA. I said what on earth is a PCA?  He said personal care associate.  I was like ok. He/she get water, sodas, helps you to the bathroom, things of that sort.  I said oh ok.  I saw him once last night.
Kevin showed up about 7pm and he had the laptop and all the supplies that I requested. I was happy to see him.  I know he likes hospitals as much as I do, which is not very good at all. Kevin and I sat here and talked, he looked at me and said I am sorry, but I need to get home. I am exhausted.  We kissed and out the door he went.
The nurse came in at 8:40 pm and said, hi I am Aggie I will be your nurse tonight.  She checks me over and asked questions about why I was there and what was going on. I gave her all the information. She said I will be back in a little while.  I said ok.  The charge Nurse came in to see me, I cannot remember her name, but I only saw her for a couple of minutes.  
Aggie came in at 9pm to my room pushing a cart, it was a weird cart. It had a scanner on it like the type we use at work to ring people out.  The cart had a computer on it, and a huge antenna on the back. Aggie said let me scan your arm band. I held out my hand and I heard beep.  She said now, here is your meds and lovetux.  I looked at the needle in her hand; she said we are going to stick this in your stomach.  I was like what?  I thought it was only going to be pills not shots?  No she said shots too. I rolled my eyes back.  I started asking all kinds of questions.  How will this effect my other drugs, how will this react. I was freaking out. Uncalled for now that I have had one of the shots.  She showed me the needle it looks like the size of a human hair, its small. I guess it’s just the thought in your tummy.

I called my sister that lives in Michigan; I cried over the phone with her, I am a big baby when it comes to this kind of stuff.  We ended up talking for over 3 hours.  It was good she calmed me down, I needed that.  She said I know you feel alone, but it’s ok and everything will be ok.  By 12:30 am I was falling out. Finally sleep hit me; it was a long freaking day. 


Cubby said...

This blood clot is such a nightmare for you! I'm thinking about you and worrying.

Pat said...

Geez! What an ordeal! Funny how the word "Emergency" is in the title of the place, but you're never treated as if it actually IS an emergency! I sure hope that all goes well for you and you get out of there fast!

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