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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back Home and Happy

Out of the hospital.....

I was released on July 2nd from the hospital. I was so very happy to have the IV removed from my arm. It was hurting, (I know it was mental) it didnt really hurt, it was more like, I have something in my arm, and I want it out.

The Nurse came to me before I left and gave me the laundry list of DON'TS. Don't eat this: anything dark green or anything that has vitamin K. As she went down the list, I said no to all except one. Green Beans. I can eat a can of those with out anything else.

The Doctors list was pretty simple:

  1. Use a walker
  2. No prolong Standing
  3. While sitting leg is propped up
  4. No using sharp objects, including knives
  5. No lifting over 5 lbs
  6. Take your Pill
  7. Be Careful while having Sex (if I bottom) 

Using a Walker at all times, has been difficult for me. Simply put, I have to rely on this. The doctor told me that if I want to be independent then I must use this. He said if you fall, you can hurt your self really bad, internal bleeding etc. If Kevin and I go out together, I just hold on to his arm.  Its crazy the looks that I get, when I am arm to arm with Kevin or using the walker, the stares are the same.

July second when I got home I slept, but I kept waking up at the hours that the hospital got me used to. Like 3:30am check vitals, 5:30 to 6:30 am draw blood, 8am eat, 9am pills and shots.

July 3rd and July 4th were pretty much a blur. I was asleep most of the time. I know that on July 4, I got up about dark and used my walker and went to Michaels house. He and his partner were watching fireworks. So I went and joined them.

July 5th I was on the phone most all day. I called my Short Term Disability office and was trying to see if I got approved or not. I left several messages, but did not hear back until the next day. They told me that I was approved and they would be sending me a check. I have no clue when I will receive it.

July 6th. Back to the Doctors office. I had to get my finger stuck. They have to check my INR. Kevin had an appointment with his doctor so I went with him.  My blood count was 2.8 which is exactly where he wanted me. He told me to come back in two weeks.

After we were done at the Doctors office, we needed to go to the groceries. In the same plaza was the Staples that my friend Jason works in. I suggested we stop by to see him. Kevin asked how do you know he is here? I said I dont. As we turn to the direction of Staples, I saw his car and told Kevin his car is here. Kevin parked the car and we got out. I grabbed Kevins arm and we went inside. Jason was all smiles.  He asked how I was and how things were going. Then he said "you have got to update your Blog" I told him I would.


Lynda said...

Allen - - Your spirits sound so much better! It's amazing how much better we sleep when we are in our own bed. It sounds like you are following doctors' orders thus far. You definitely have to be careful when you are on blood thinners - - - and when you have clots. It's a definite balancing act. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Cubby said...

I'm floored about the sex admonition. If I was in your condition, sex would be the very last thing on my mind!

Pat said...

I'm so glad you are home, Allen! I agree with Lynda - it's better to be in your own bed! You feel so much better! I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and "be careful around sharp objects"!!

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