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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Confusion is what I have been going through with my STD (short term disability) approved and my FMLA Family Medical Leave Act) approved and now my ability to return to work. Staples uses a company called Cigna. Cigna handles all of my medical leave time. I have to call one 800 number and then use the ext.'s to talk to each department.  

As you know I have been released to return to work. But there is a catch. I have been talking to a Rep from Cigna and he is the one that checks with Staples to see if they have a position that I can do so that I can return to work. Its been over a week and I am starting to freak out. I have not heard anything and I called on Monday to find out what is going on. Well wouldn't you know it, the Rep is out of the office until 7/18/12. ugh

I called my surgeon to set up an appointment. They said we are sorry, but you have not met your deductible so your office visit will cost $500. Please bring a charge card with you for your visit. I told them I don't own one. They said we are sorry you cannot come here then.  The next day my medical insurance company sent me a letter and said "we are not paying your bills" until you pay your deductible. My deductible is $1500. So now I have a stack of bills from doctors, labs, hospitals, Emergency Rooms, etc. I am up to my eyeballs in bills. I don't have $1500 just laying around. I have just under 10 in my checking account. I want to go back to work, so I can pay my deductible but I am stuck in limbo. 

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Pat said...

There's a "catch" all right. It's called a "catch 22"! Usually doctor's offices let you pay on time. Call each place and offer to pay xx amount of dollars each month. It could be a small amount - say $25. At least they'll know you are trying. They will probably agree to this.

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