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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good Morning

Yesterday I got up fairly early, I believe it was 5:30 am. I packed up my SUV and drove to St. Petersburg FL. I drove straight through. I never once stopped. That is a 4 hour drive. (go bladder)  I get to the staples Store and walk in. My bladder said "Where is the bathroom?" One stall bathroom, I had to stand outside of the door and wait, I thought I was going to pee my pants before the door opened. I step in and raise the set and start peeing. I stand there for what seems like 10 minutes.  I go into the store and decide to walk around  the store is laid out different than my last store. But I think its going to be pretty simple to learn.

The Copy center is on the left side of the store as you walk in from outside. Its right next to the paper wall. I let out a little scream of excitement. Every copy center that I have worked in, the paper wall was on the other side of the store. If you run out of paper, you have to walk all the way over and pick up the paper, then walk all the way back.  I saw a line forming at the front of the counter of the copy center. I stood there and observed the copy center associate she had her back to the customers. I know it happens, I have done it too. I walk up to her, and say excuse me, you have customers at your front counter. She looks at me with a blank stare then said well how can I help you. I looked at her and smiled I pointed to the customers and said go help them.

At this point one customer walks up to me and said excuse me, can you help me find this, he holds up his empty ink cartridges. Its funny, I am in plain clothes, tee-shirt and jeans, hair messed up from the drive with the window down. And yet I gave the appearance that I worked there. lol Without even thinking about it, I grab the cartridges from the man and start walking to the ink section. I looked at him and said now where did the put this dell ink. He looks at me and said dont you work here? I smiled at him and said no not for at least another week. I said oh here is your ink, you need number 21 color and 21 black. I hand him the containers. He said how did you know what I needed. I pointed to his old cartridges, and said see that 21 right there, he said yes. That is your number for the ink. They try to make it as simple as they can for you to find your ink. I smiled at him. He thanked me over and over again.

I go back to the copy center and look around, I never went into the center she was busy and I did not want to get in the way. I wanted to stand back and see what all there was. I saw a couple of things wrong, but other than that, I thought it was ok. The one thing I think I like the most is, the copy center has all windows that you can look out and see the pretty weather.

The GM comes over and we introduced our selves. She said lets go for a walk. I said ok, we walk outside, and she said what do you think of our store. I said its workable. She told me all the problems she was having with staffing, what is going on in the copy center etc, then she said do you think you can handle it? I laughed a little and said sure I can.  She said good, I already scheduled you this week. I looked at her with shocked face and said what?  I said I dont even have housing yet. I was planing on using this week for the move. She please I need you to start this week. She said well here is my cell number call me when you find out something. I called her about 4pm and told her that I could only work Monday and Tuesday then Saturday and Sunday. She said ok, your down for 11am to 6pm.  So for all my Staples friends call me at 0202


Lynda said...

It sounds like you are off to a GREAT start!!! We will pray the housing goes as smoothly. I am thankful your trip on the road was uneventful and pray you and your dad can have some wonderful time together.

Allen said...

the next prayer is from my safe travel back down pulling a trailer and driving back all in the same day. wow what a trip that will be. :) thanks for the prayers Lyna

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