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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Staying an hour away.. oh the drive to work

I am staying with my father until I close on my home. Its a fixer upper Mobile Home. When I say fixer upper I mean fixer upper.

Its a small one too. One bedroom, one bathroom, and kitchen and living room. The real plus to it, is the enclosed porch. Inside there is no carpet, part of the floor needs some wood, cause you can see the ground. The bathroom was painted an very ugly light green Yuck. Lots of work, but this is just the kind of project that I need. I like to do handy man stuff. I think this will be a great experience.  They were asking $900 for it. I offered $650 for it. They told me yes I could have it for $650. I do my closing this next week. Lot rent is the best price ever $445. a month that includes mowing and trash removal. They are running a special this month, if you close this month, then you get 3 months of lot rent for free. WOW  Its like they are giving me the Mobile home for free and some for fixing the place up. The Mobile home park is about 30 mins from my job. But that is from all the stop lights and extremely very busy street that I have to drive to get there. OMG I mean OMG. I thought Broward blvd was busy. I asked the manager of the park is there a better way to get down there? She told me how to get there in less time. That makes me Happy. I will take before and after pictures to show you what I have done to fix up the place. :)

I am in Lakeland Florida I have to drive to St. Petersburg for work. It over an hour drive in rush hour. It reminds me of I-95.  Slow and stop is how you drive. But its all good.


Lynda said...

Get out of here - - - Lakeland, Florida?!!! I lived there for almost two years in the early seventies. The Bible College - - - was it Southeastern? After I accepted Christ as my Savior (at the Assembly of God Church), I attended there one semester. I ended up moving to the Orlando area right after that. Lakeland was a very nice city.
What a GREAT deal you got on your mobile home - - especially since you know how to do the work. How did you find it? It sounds like things are falling into place well and hope they continue like that. I will keep you in my prayers.

Allen said...

I found the mobile home online,while I was living in Ft. Lauderdale florida. No the school is called emmuas baptist college.

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