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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shout Outs from work

When I was at my last store, one of the associates told me she wanted me to give a shout out to her. I laughed it off. Then I thought you know that is not a bad Idea.

First Shout out goes to Jason, he is my boo. I have mentioned him in many blog post.

The second one goes to "The Girls", they are real sisters, lots of fun with them. Kelly is on the left and Erica on the right. Erica just got engaged! Gratz Erica! I am truly going to miss working with them!

The third shout out goes to Mareezy. He is a rapper trying to get his name out there. He had a show last night. I hope it went well for him.

More shout outs goes to Sergio, Chad, Bill, Nichole, Eric, Karla, and lets not forget about Paul. lol

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