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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drama at Work

I know that I am new at this store. But there is one girl that is on my very last nerve. She thinks she is a supervisor. And truthfully she is nothing more than a little girl trying be something she is not.

Three strikes and your out.

She hit that just last week. I took my laptop in to work to be fixed since it crashed. I went to work early, sat down at the counter and was telling the young man what was wrong with my computer. She interrupts me and says "Do you have  a Jacket?" I stopped talking and looked at her and said yeah why? She said well it looks bad, you sitting down and chatting with him. I looked at her, and said I am having my computer worked on. She said that doenst matter, then walks off.

I said to myself that is it. this is the last time she is going to embarrass me. She has went out of her way, to do this three times now, and its going to stop.

I started my shift, and went to the copy center, I worked for a few hours and saw the Manager. I waved him over. I asked him if She was an expert over the Tech area? He said no. I said you need to put her in her place before I call HR and put her in her place.

He asked me what happened and I told him she has went out of her way to embarrass me the past 3 times. I handed him a paper that had all three times including dates and times. Yes I document everything. You have to in this company. You have to cover your ass. He told me that he would take care of it. I told him I hope so.


Yesterday one of the Cashiers came up to me and asked if  I wanted to go to a Kenny Chasney concert with her? I said who is he? She said your not serious. He is HOT! I told her let me think about it.

Well I am not a fan of Country Music, but I totally understand why she wants to go to this concert.

 I came home and did a search to find out more about this guy. Wow she is right he is HOT. I just might go with her. =o)


Mind Of Mine said...

I don't get, what exactly was she objecting to? What were the other two incident about?

Lynda said...

Ah - - co-workers - - especially the younger ones these days who forget they have to work to get a better position. They aren't entitled to it just because they were hired.

Allen said...

Mind, she objects to everything I do and say. If I say its green, she says no it blue. Infront of the customers.

Momma Lynda, I know what you mean.

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