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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old Fashioned Laundry with a New Twist

When I was in Fort Lauderdale, I was thinking what would be a large expense that I could do with out. I figured Laundry would be one of those.  I started searching for Laundry alternatives. What I found was Wonder Wash and A Spin Dryer.

 To use the Wonder Wash you add hot water, and 1 tablespoon of soap. Close the lid and rotate the handle.  One rotation per second for 2.5 - 5 minutes. I learned the best place to use it was in the tub, so if you have any leaks it doesnt go all over the place except down the drain.  At the bottom of the tub, there is a way to drain the water after your done washing. Rinse is the same process, except I add just a little fabric softener, just for the Clean Smell.

After your rinse is done, then hand wring out the clothes and place it into the spin dryer. The spin dryer spins the clothes at 1500 rpms. That is almost 3 times faster than a washer does.  

Take the clothes out of the spin dryer and hang up to dry. Its pretty simple process. 

 I was lucky that there was a clothes rack out back. Its actually my neighbors, but I asked him if I could share the use of it. He said sure go right ahead. My clothes only stays on the line between 15-45 minutes and they are completely dry.

The video below explains it and show both in action.


Lynda said...

I had never heard of those products. They are quite innovative and space-saving. Good for you for adding them to your home. I love hanging clothes outside to dry, too!

Pat said...

Wow! These are amazing! Very reasonably priced, too!

Allen said...

Momma Lynda, I like the freashness of my clothes from hanging them outside. It makes it nice. The towels are a bit stiff, but works really nice.

Pat, Yes I agree with you. I paid under 150 for both.

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