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Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Insulation did I go with? (see Video)


Lynda said...

That was very interesting - - -especially since my husband works in the textile industry - - and we just put the "traditional" insulation under our house a couple of months ago. It sounds like the old insulation needed to be replaced anyway so I think it was wise you did it - - - and it's wonderful you and your dad have such knowledge about home repair. You are quite articulate in your speech. Thanks for posting a video so we could hear you.

Allen said...

Momma Lynda, I really enjoyed making the video. It was fun. Well I had to do many takes to get it right, but still it was fun to do.

John said...

That was a great video --very informative. And you're very welcome for the insulation idea! We have an enclosed side porch that we're going to use that on, so we can put our cockatoo in there. I really like that it can be handled and with no mask. Thanks for sharing!

Allen said...

John, so far I like it. It seems pretty quite.

Pat said...

Allen - this is a good video and you are a great speaker. You had me laughing when you talked about the noises coming in from outside, from the birds, to your neighbor talking, or should I say "squawking" like a bird and the crows answering her! Too funny! You are doing quite a bit of work on your new little home. What a feeling of accomplishment! :)

Allen said...

Pat, I am glad I made you laugh at the birds and all the squaking. lol

I am glad you enjoyed the video too. I am enjoying doing them. There are more to come.

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