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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Second Chance

I just bought my Mobile Mansion, now I have got to get a job. I took a deep breath and headed back to my last job.  I went in through the front door, and was greeted with smiles and lots of questions. I answered as many as I could before I asked if the GM was in the store.  The shocked look on the associates face. She said " I dont think you want to see her today"  I said yeah I do, I knew right then, the GM was in a bad mood. But that did not stop me. Where is she I asked? They all pointed to the back of the store.

I head back, I see her with a customer, I stand back and wait until she is done. I go up to her and said may I have a minute of your time? She glared at me, as though I was putting her out. "you got 30 seconds"

I take a deep breath, and say Would you consider taking me back?  She stood there for what seemed forever then says "I will" I smiled and said thanks, then turned and walked to the front and told everyone goodbye.

I go back to my mobile mansion. I had to start on it, I go in and open all the windows. It took sometime due to most of them were painted shut.

My Mobile Mansion

The next step was to tear out all the ceilings, and wall board that was on the walls. I had to see if there was any leaks and if there was any insulation. First panel down, and no insulation.  I knew right then, that none of it has insulation. (I didnt take any pictures - I thought about it, but didn't)

I called the local Electric company to find out how much it was going to cost me to get power on. They told me $200.00 deposit. I gasped again. I said are you kidding? the guy on the other end said no. I thanked him and hung up. Where am I going to get $200? I shrugged it off and said this is better than a tent any day. Even if I dont have electric, havent had it in two months what is another few months without it.

I went back to work on My mobile mansion. I decided to pull out all the rotten wood and termite ate up wood. My friend and neighbor John said can you come over, I have someone for you to meet. I said no problem. I stop and head over. We walk over to a group of men.  John says Ken, Jay, Tony this is Allen. I shook each of their hands. Ken owns a Handy Man company and works in the park. We talked for a few minutes and excused myself. I wanted to head back and keep working.

A storm hits, it rains and rains. I sat inside and said this is better than in a tent. I did find 4 leaks. 5 on the roof.  But what happened next was just amazing. After the rain stopped the next day, Ken shows up. I walk up to him and said my roof leaks,  any suggestions on how to fix it? Could I barrow your ladder? He said I will come over later with it. I thanked him and headed back. I go in and start pulling up the rotten floor. I get all the wood out and found out that I had to replace all the joists and the flooring. I thought wow.

I hear a knock on the door. It was Ken, Ken came in and asked where the leak is.  I showed him the spots. He said I will be right back. I had a puzzled look on my face. He goes out and gets on my roof, with a can of tar. He was up there for a few minutes and came back down. He said I think that will fix it, but you really need a new roof up there. I jokingly said I will add that to my list. Then he asked " are you a good boy"  I look at him and said "you know I try" I smiled.


I believe the stars in the Universe aligned perfectly from this point on.  I found peace. As weird as it may be. Things are just in perfect alignment.

The next day, was incredible. Ken stops by and says, what ya doing? I said I am taking a break, just looking at this floor trying to figure out how I am going to fix it. He walks in and said you need to do this and do that, and fix this. I smiled and thanked him for his advise. What I was thinking actually, is where am I going to get the money to buy the wood to fix this.  He turns and says, oh yeah I came over to let you know my boys are going to be on your roof today. I said ok, with a puzzled look. He said I am going to put you a new roof on. I had some extra pieces. I said I don't have the money to pay you for that. He said dont worry about it. He wouldn't take no for an answer. As Ken walked out the door, my phone rings, I answer and it was the GM. She offered me a job as a Cashier. She told me that it would only be part-time and she had to start me at minimum wage. She said there was nothing she could do about that part. I said no problem. Can you start today? I said sure if you have a shirt for me, mine is still in storage. She gave me 5 hours for the week. I did not care, because I was working again. I was hoping that I get more hours the next week. I hang up the phone with all kinds of smiles on my face. Here I get a mobile mansion for free and a new roof for free and a job, I was so excited.

The next day I get up and head to Johns house. I get myself a cup of coffee and tell him all about the exciting things that was going on. He was impressed. I said I wonder what great things are going to happen today? He laughed and said with you who knows.

I head over to my mobile mansion. On the way, I see Ken, Ken waves and I wave back. I head in and not even 20 minutes goes by when a knock on the door. I answer it and it was Jay, Kens son.  He said where do you want me to put these?  He had 10 2x6"x8'. He said daddy told us to bring them here for you. I was in shock. I just stammered over there as I pointed. He piled them all up and head out the door. I head out the door behind them to find Ken. Ken ummm what?  I cannot afford to pay you for those. He said you need wood, I got wood, you got wood. He turns and walks away.  I stood there in the middle of the street with a dumb look on my face. I thought to myself, what just happened?  I turn and head to Johns house. John, can I possibly use your electricity? He said sure, and you can use my tools too. John asked what is going on? I smiled really big and said I got wood.  John now has a puzzled look. I said Ken gave me wood for my floor. He said Ken is a good man. I said yes he is.

It took me three days to finish my floor. One of those days I was in bed all day. My back was killing me.

Ken kept stopping by to see how the progress was going. I showed him, he smiled and said he couldn't have done it better. He said good job son. When the floor was all done. I was impressed with myself.


Free insulation from Staples. Ah I bet you didnt know that, I am on such a tight budget that I got Free insulation from work. Styrofoam that comes in the candy boxes and chairs, gave me insulation for my mansion. The best part of it it works and it was FREE. I asked all associates to save them for me. And they did. I did one of my inside walls with the Free stuff.

Ken stops by to see my progress. I told him how I was getting insulation from work for free. He said can you take a walk with me. I said sure, we headed out. We walked down to the parks storage container. He unlocks it and walks to the back. He said gab some of these. They were packages of insulations.  Instead of saying the same thing to him I just said thank you. I was able to use this in two of my walls. I was smiling from ear to ear.

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