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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

U-haul vs. ABF

U-haul wanted $1,500 for the truck and another $200. for the car trailer. Plus you have to leave them a huge deposit. Then we have to pay for the gas that went into the truck. And you know how much gas is these days.

We decided to go with ABF moving cube. It is smaller than a truck, but we decided in the long run it would be cheaper than the U-haul. ABF is going to deliver the cube 5 days before we actually leave for our new destination. We pack it and we lock it, they pick it up and haul it. We dont have to worry about it anymore until we unload it.

14 more days until our move. I don't know whether I am happy or scared at this point. It just seems overwhelming.



Pat said...

It's a new chapter of your life. Take a deep breath and jump! Yipee!

And if this isn't a sign, the word verification was: "foaket!"

Anonymous said...

That ABF sounds like THE way to go. If I ever move across country, this is what I'll do. I'll also call you and ask for pointers!

Larry Ohio said...

U-Haul should be outlawed. You are definitely making a smart choice with ABF.

Rae said...

Good luck on your move. I hope it goes without problem and your transition is a smooth one.

Jo said...

Okay, I missed something--probably because I haven't been as faithful and diligent with others' blogs lately as I should be....

So sorry, Allen--my bad?

Why are you moving and where to????

Peace, love and happiness,
"Diary Of A sad Housewife"

Wonder Man said...

I didn't know U-Haul was so expensive

Beth said...

I've heard good things about those "pods" for moving. Look at your move as an adventure. My Dad told me that years ago when I had to move someplace I didn't want to move to...and he was right. It will be okay!

Allen said...

@ Pat, I am sure after the cube if full and we get on the road, I will start getting excited. Love the word verification was: "foaket - lol

@ Michael, yeah you can call me for pointers. I have a ton of them. hehe

@ Larry, I agree with you. I actually check on several different options. And I believe we made the best choice. Only time will tell.

@ Rae, Me too. I am sure it will. Its just stressful right now.

@ Jo, We are moving south, very very far south, I need to get out of this cold weather, winters just kill me. My doctor told me last winter that I have arthritis.

@ Wonder man, It is when you are moving 1800 miles away. Crazy prices for sure.

@ Beth, thanks for the heads up. I am sure it will be ok.

Thanks everyone for commenting.

Lynda said...

Okay - - my questions answered, too - - - about where you are moving - - well not exact location - - but I didn't realize until tonight that your move was so far away. Arthritis is a bummer. I have some OA. Do you take any Health Food Supplements - - - like Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil. They really help - - better than drugs when you find the right combination for you. You are smart to get away from the cold weather.

Allen said...

Miss Lynda, I don't take drugs for my arthritis. I live with the pain. I don't even take meds for a headache.

Did not know about the fish oil or flax seed oil. I will give that a try. Thanks =o)


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