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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am Tired

For the past two days I have been working. We have been very busy at Staples in the Copy and Print Center. We are running a specials for the holidays. Like Personal Calendars - for only $9.99. All you have to do is bring in 12 pictures in and we print them in full color. Its really cool. Then we have another special going that is 50% off of our full color posters. Again you bring in the picture and we print it out on photo paper in the size of 18"X24" or 24"x36". We also have Holiday Cards.

Staples are emailing lots of people with these and many more specials, and they are coming in.

The thing is, everyone seems to have it in their minds that we can do their jobs right then. They don't use common since, its like they left their brains out in their cars. You honestly think that you are the only one in the entire state of Florida that received the email? Come on. I know from working for Staples before, that the xmas holidays are just nuts at work. Everyone wants their work done right then and they wait in line for 30 to 40 minutes and expect it done right then. I just cannot figure that out.

If your not on Staples email list, you should join up. You get their ads one week prior to it coming out and they send you specials that are going on in your area.

Black Friday is coming up quick. I remember one year up in Indiana at the Staples there, we had a line that wrapped around the building. This was at 3 in the morning. The good thing about it this year is that I have the late shift, which means I get to close instead of opening. woo hoo.

Other than that every thing else is going well. I spent last night chatting with friends. I miss them.


Anonymous said...

It's always better to close on Black Friday than open. At least I always thought so!

Pat said...

It's only going to get busier each day as it gets closer to Christmas.

I, for one, am NOT ready for the holidays.

Remember to keep a SMILE on your face, even with all the irate customers. :)

Allen said...

@ Michael, I agree with you!

@ Pat, Always have a smile on my face. I am not ready for the holidays either. =o)

Lynda said...

I am one of the customers who has sense enough to leave my job - - - ask the approximate pick-up time - - - add an hour to that - - - go somewhere else to shop and then come back to pick it up! I thought that's why they had you fill out the envelope so you didn't have to stand around and wait. Time is too precious to stand in a line - - - especially when you are in your fifth decade of life with the sixth about a year away!!!!

Kyle Leach said...

Hey Allen, unfortunately, the public isn't known for taking their brains with them. Try not to let them get to you. Being on the front lines takes a toll on people quickly. You are too good of a person to let yourself be negatively influenced by unprepared, thoughtless, mean individuals. I'm glad you caught up with friends; they are the best healing source in existence.

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