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Friday, December 25, 2009

I was called a Scrooge at work.

I was talking with D. (D is our cashier) I said I cannot wait until Christmas. She said really? I said yes, NO more Christmas Music. A customer behind me called me a Scrooge. I turned around really quick and looked at her, and said "If you had to listen to 10 Christmas songs over and over and over again for a over a month, you would the same way."

Christmas Eve was a mad house at work. It was a steady line of people. I had these two older women (I would say they were in their late 60's) I believe they were sisters, but dont really know. They wanted an outside sign that they could put in the ground. I took them over and showed them the signs we had. One of them asked if it could be used outside and I said yes this is plastic. Not even two minutes later the other one ask if it can be used outside. I started to say yes again, and the other one started yelling. She said "Why dont you open up your ears. He just said yes!" They started yelling at each other, and they were loud. Finally the confrontation was over when one of them said go over there and stand and shut the F up. I stood there dumb struck.

There wasn't any work for me in the Copy Center. I was being ran all over the store. But I enjoyed it. I only worked 4 hours, but it felt more like 8 hours. I was so tired when I got home.

This morning, when Kevin got up he thought it would be nice to whistle christmas songs. I said OMG please stop. He said you need to get into the spirit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Bombshell BLISS said...

No kidding Allen...especially when they start playing the stuff right after Halloween. Kind of takes away the fun of it all!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas friend;)

Sunny said...

Merry Christmas, Allen!
Sunny :)

Lynda said...

I totally agree that this season has been commercialized and extended to the point it has almost lost its meaning. But I do PRAISE GOD today and every day that HE loved us enough to come to earth to show us the way to be with HIM eternally.
- - and what's with the people losing tempers and cussing in public? Not that long ago, no matter what kind of manners you had at home, you still tried to act semi-decent in public.

Pat said...

Well, at least you have 11 months of relief from Christmas songs! LOL! Hopefully your exchanges or returns won't be too bad!

John said...

I remember well working at stores that played Christmas "Muzak" over and over. It did get quite annoying to us that worked there! Some people are so rude! I probably would have told that customer something just as rude like, "mind your own beeswax." Ok, so I wouldn't, but I would be thinking it! Hopefully your store will change the music now!

I LOL reading the part of the one lady in her 60's using the F word! Priceless!

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