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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Madness

After I built my bed, and slept on it a few night, I decided it was a bit hard. Its like I am sleeping on a mattress that is on a hard wood floor. Don't get me wrong I love my bed that I built.

I woke up the other morning to the thought of a Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Wow is that expensive, I shopped around, and found that Target had the best deal. So I bought the 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper. I cannot believe what a difference that made. It made my bed into a sleeping heaven. I mean its like sleeping on a cloud. Its soft and its comfy.

If anyone has a normal bed, and has body pains or aches, I highly recommend that you buy one. Just be sure to get at least a 3" one or even a 4" one.

As you know I worked from Noon to close last night. Due to Mr. Bronx having dental issues. That was one long shift. The good part of it was, K allowed me to take an hour lunch. I am so happy that she did. I don't think I could have made it with out it. I have the same shift tonight as well. =o{

Kevin worked with me last night, he was all over the store. He is our new load stock person. He said "you know this could be done better than the way its done now" I told him I agreed. I helped with stock a few times and its well, unorganized.
One of the biggest problems that I have in the Copy Center is people that want to make copies of Copyrighted work. Its super hard to explain to idiots that you cannot make a copy of a copyrighted material.

Just last night I had such a person. I said I am sorry sir, this is a copyrighted material, and I will not be able to copy this for you. He said, I bought it, its my copy and I can make copies of it. I said that may be true, but it is still copyrighted and I cannot make a copy of it.
He had that look - "deer eyes in the headlights". I handed him a copy of our policy and said if you get permission from the Author of the printed material, I will make the copy for you. He said in a loud voice "I AM THE OWNER OF THIS BOOK". I asked "Are you the author?" He said NO but I own the book. I finally had to call the manager over so that he too could explain to this idiot that we could not make the copy for him.

There are time like last night that I have both of my copier running at full blast. I had this guy come up and say I want 3 copies of this paper. I showed him the self-serve area. He looked at me as though I was dumb and said, " I am not going to make copies of this, it is your job!" I said I am sorry sir, as you can see and hear my copy machines are running. The only machine that is open right now is the self-serve copier. He wasted more time, arguring with me that it was my job to do it, than it took him to make the copies.
People are just RUDE! I cannot tell you how many people come up to my counter with a phone on their ear. And expect me to greet them. I try not to talk to them at all, cause they are speaking to someone else.
We have a rule in the copy center, that when a customer comes to the counter, we must greet them within 30 seconds. This rule is great when we dont have 20 people standing around the counters. There are some days that it is impossible to do this. There was one day that, my line was growing and growing. I greeted everyone. I asked for them to be patient. All agreed.

A manager came over and asked what he could do? I looked up from what I was doing and said that person is first and then that one is next, then her, then him, and so on. One of the customers said wow that is impressive.

I work noon to close again tonight. I am sure I will have lots to tell you about.
See ya tomorrow.


Larry Ohio said...

I love your updates, Allen.

I'm sorry many people are jerks at the store. I hope that you make a permanent impression on folks and get them to think twice about walking into a store and being rude.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Isn't working with the public interesting?! It never stopped to amaze me the things I would see/hear.

Jo said...

I also love your work stories -- makes me grateful to no longer work with the public! At least for now....

Peace and serenity, my friend-

Rae said...

Some people are born under the sign that reads IDIOT and they never bother to move out from under it. Geez - I have would have no tolerance for some of your idiot customers. You are an absolute saint to put up with it. You manager is certainly lucky to have you for a worker. Not many people could handle all that you do.

Lynda said...

The good news is with your new mattress topper, you will be able to get enough rest each night to deal with all your fun customers! Work definitely is easier when you have had a good bed to sleep on the night before. Thanks again for the update!

Kyle Leach said...

Well Allen, I'm happy to hear that the new mattress topper made such a difference for you. Unfortunately, from your description I'm not sure getting enough sleep will make you rested enough to deal with all the bizarre customers you have. Just try to do the best you can.:)

Wonder Man said...

Those folks sound crazy

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