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Monday, June 14, 2010

5 Foot Python Snake Escapes

This morning I saw a group of people looking towards the fence, pointing some were taking pictures. I thought maybe it was graffiti sprayed on the fence.The Police shows up and they are pointing at the fence. I went in and grabbed my camera and walked down to see what it was.

Here on top of the fence was laying a 5' Python Snake.

The Police left and I continued to take pictures.

The onlookers gasped when I reached up and pet it. I thought wow what a beautiful snake this is.

Look at the size of its head. WOW

The owner of the snake shows up and grabs the snake and places it on the ground. The police was off in the distant. The owner said "I don't know how she got out." He told the onlookers that she is 5 foot long. And its a pet.

What a beautiful snake she is.


Pat said...

Yowzer! And look at you walking up and petting it like it was nothing! LOL! TOO funny! The photos are great! I would not have gone NEAR that sucker! To each his own I guess!

Lille Diane said...

My son had a ball python when he lived at home. We raised it from a baby. I adapted, discovered he had a sweet personality and actually ended up feeding it (mice/rats) when Jake went to see his dad in CA. I used to carry him around my neck when I was tending my veggie garden. He loved the sunshine and would try to escape to the tomato stakes. I had a neighbor who would see me outside & come over & yack my ears off for hours. I found having him wrapped around my neck was a great deterrent. LOL She'd scamper away as soon as she saw him. They are beautiful creatures. But I must admit I am terrified of rattle snakes...even looking at videos or pics in a book. ARGHHHHH!!!! xxxoooxxxooo

Lillian Robinson said...

They are amazing creatures. I don't mind seeing them in there containers, but I don't know if I'd be crazy about stumbling upon one outdoors!

Lynda said...

I am glad you liked having that diversion today. It would not have started my day off well!!!!

John said...

I've seen shows on tv about these snakes being out of control in Florida, especially around the Everglades. OMG that gives me the creeps. I don't know if I could ever live down there for my fear of snakes. And I wonder how many of your neighbors have these for pets! I will say this--you took some great photos of the snake!

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