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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its All John's Fault, Thanks John!

John from John Abuzz left me a comment the other day on my post Emotional Signatures.

John said:
Very original...I like it! I love the emoticons that have movement, like clapping hands, rolling eyes, etc (I wonder if you could do that? probably!)

Well John, Yes I can. It took me the past 24 hours to make these. There are hours of editing, and placement, taking pictures and more pictures. Some slides I had to take more than once.

Here they are my Emotional Moving Signatures:

Clapping Hands (2 slides to make this one)

upset (2 slides to make this one)

shame on you (3 slides to make this one)

No (5 slides to make this one)

Rude (9 slides to make this one)

After I made these I was thinking how cool it would be to make a welcome sign for my site.

Welcome Sign (10 slides to make this one)

I have to thank John because if he did not mention it, I would have never tried it. It has been hard work, but I think in the end the effects are cool.

Have a great day everyone,



Larry Ohio said...

Allen, you're a genius! I love this!

Allen said...

Thanks Larry!

Beth said...

These are awesome! Nicely done!

Allen said...

Thanks Beth!

John said...

Bravo!!! I love it, love it, love it and only you could pull this off! Hey I especially like the way your hair moves in those! Allen, you are genius and so cool!

Allen said...

John, thank for helping me to think outside of the box. I think they looked pretty good too. I need to fix some minor detail though, but I like them.

Thanks again.

TC said...

They are pretty neat, wish I had the time right now, I'd have to use my dog though, I hate pictures of myself. Thanks for following my animals blog.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

These are rather hypnotic, gotta get to work...

Kyle Leach said...

Love it, love it, love it. Allen, very well done, I'm very impressed.

Allen said...

Thanks to everyone that has left a comment. =o)

@ TC, I think an animal picture would be hard to do. Unless you can get them to stand in the same spot for about 10 mins. Who knows it might work. =o)

@ Prodigal, yeah I think they are too. =o)

@ Kyle - Thanks! =o)

Leave a Legacy said...

Allen, Nice to meet you. Thanks for following. These "emotional signatures" are great. I would have no idea how to do that. I may give the fancy font signature a try, though.

Allen said...

@ GRandma, Nice to meet you too. That is cool, try out the fancy ones, that is really simple to do. Thanks for stopping by! =o)

Pat said...

Very eye-catching! I like them!

Allen said...

Thanks Pat for stopping by! I am glad you like them. =o)

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