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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Have A Dream

A Dream that I have had for a long time.

I want to start my own school, a school for the GLBT group. Its so sad to hear that my brother and sisters are killing themselves over what kids are saying in schools. What makes me more sad is that the Parents of the other kids are accepting what they are doing. I am sick of all the hate.

Its time for me to act on what I have been dreaming about for years. To have a high school just for them. A place that is safe, a place that they can be themselves, and a place that they can learn.

This has been in my head for years and years. I found a note that I wrote to myself years ago on how, where and when. But I never acted on it.

Over the summer, I had a unique chance to watch two kids. They are not gay, but they wanted to learn as much as I could teach them. I taught them sign language. Which got me to thinking this is a good time for me to do this.

I want to buy an old school building, and get teachers and staff that is "Gay or Gay Friendly"
I want the top floor of this building to house students that are from out of state.
I want it open to all that wants to learn with out rejection of any kind.
I want programs that are more than the normal High School offers. Such as:
Auto Mechanics
Grounds Keeping
Window Cleaning
Computer Programing
and much more.

I want the students to be one or even two steps ahead of their peers. I want to see colleges begging them to go to their colleges. Or even better them starting their own business.

So what do you think about my dream?


Beth said...

I think that's a noble dream. I would like to see that sort of comfort and safety in our current schools, but I'm not sure when we'll see that.... :(

Allen said...

@ Beth, I am not sure when we will see that either. I really feel for children in school now a days. Its a scary place. But then again, it was a scary place when I went.

Kyle Leach said...

Dreams really need to be big, even if the likelihood of attaining them is small. The hope they hold is almost as important as the dream itself. I would agree with Beth. It is a noble dream you have Allen, whether it happens or not is up to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. Makes me sad to think we have to seperate gay and straight students. Of course my life would have been much easier without going through what I did in school.

I'd like to see schools work harder to get rid of the issues. But I'm not sure we'll see that any time soon. But that doesn't mean we all can't start working on the school systems to make it happen!

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