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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Practical Jokes

I enjoy a good practical joke as long as no one is hurt in the process. I have done some pretty mean jokes. Like this car below. The Pastor that owned this car made a comment to me that he is always one step ahead of the joke-ster. Well he wasn't one step ahead of me. hehe

In this car we (yes I had a friend help) T.P. the inside of his locked car. Yes it was locked. Yes I cheated and looked into his owners manual for the combination to his car. We did take it one step further, we took a clean diaper and mixed peanut butter and mustard, it looked like a real chitty thing.

In the picture below, the neighbors asked me and a friend to watch their house and car while they were on vacation. We took very good care of the car. We made sure no one would get into it.

The last major joke was on my father. I made his office look like the inside of the first car and the second car. I shrink wrapped his monitor and keyboard together, took shredded paper out of his shredder and spread it all over the place. I hung a snake above his door that dropped out of the ceiling when he opened his door. I took 4 rolls of TP and strung it all over his office, on his couch, on his book cases, over his desk etc. It was just good clean fun. hehe

My father called:

Me: hello
Dad: You are dead
Me: I don't know what you are talking about.
Dad: Don't play dumb whit me mister.
Me: Have fun cleaning that mess up.
Dad: Your turn is coming.

I am still waiting. I know he will do it at some point. I am watching my back. But I also know he is the one that taught me. So he will get me back. =o)



Larry Ohio said...

OMG Do you know where I live? No? Good.

Rae said...

I don't think I would have much of a sense of humor if I was your victim. I hate to clean messes up. I am sure it was much more fun to pull the prank than to clean it up.

Thought you might like to know- my 3 year old granddaughter loves your profile picture. She told me you were waving at her. She stood at my computer and waved back. You have a new friend Allen.

Allen said...

@ Larry, LOL no I dont know where you live. I only have done it to friends that I knew, would only hate it at the moment. I don't pull them on others.
@ Rae, It was fun pulling the pranks, and yes I helped clean up the messes. Except for my fathers office. I was traveling out of town when he found his in such a mess.

aww that is so cute about your granddaughter. woo hoo I have a new friend. =o)

Joann said...

You are a SUPER JOKESTER!!! LOL!!!! Those are pretty good, and funny, as long as they aren't played on ME!!! LOL!!!

BTW, I saw the roses awhile back.... THANK YOU!!! Have not been spending as much time online as I like to, but will keep stopping by from time to time!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAAHA. Remind me to never get on your bad side.

Allen said...

@ Joann, ok note to self, no jokes on Joann. hehe - I am glad you liked the flowers. =o)
@ Michael, hehe

Pat said...

Good thing I live in a house on wheels. You'll never catch me. Mwaa-haa-haa!

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