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Monday, October 5, 2009

Kevin and I went to one of the "gay" beaches.

Kevin and I went to a "Gay" Beach today. I actually got out in the ocean and swam around. We only stayed for about an hour, but it was long enough to burn some. After the beach we took off and went back to Java Boy's for coffee. I know that was silly, out in the heat drinking coffee, but honestly its one of the coolest places. We met Steve that took our orders and Michael made our drinks.

We went to the outside table to drink our coffee and Michael came outside and spoke with a lady, the lady came up and said she was the owner of Java Boys and want to say hello. She said that Michael told her that we just moved here and she was happy to see us. She said on the 18th they are having a huge Flea Market in the parking lot and asked that we come to it. We agreed that we will go.

After she left Michael stayed and talked to us. Michael asked where we moved to down here and how we liked it.

If you get a chance to come down be sure to stop in and say hi. Tell them I sent you.

There is a Bar right next to Java Boy's its called BOOM. I asked the Manager if they were hiring? This guy was an ass. He was rude. I will never step inside that bar ever. He could have just said no, instead of the long and boring speech about how people keep bugging him about work.

Have a great day,


Larry Ohio said...

I'll never go to BOOM either. But Java Boys sounds fun. How was the ocean? Didn't it make you feel filthy? Ewwww. Don't you know fish poop in there!

Beth said...

I love the ocean, and can hardly wait for our next trip, in July! Sounds like you're settling in just fine!

Lynda said...

Do your beaches have outdoor fresh water showers? Years ago they did and it was nice to get the sand & salt rinsed before getting in a car or going back in a home.

Allen said...

@ Larry, Yeah I know there is fish poop in there, but its the ocean.

@ Beth, We are settling in fine. Its an adjustment. We left Indiana when it was 40 degrees and its been in the 90's here. Its only rained one night so far.

@ Miss Lynda, yeah they still have the showers, its great. We used them right before we left. It was nice.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time on the beach. Isn't it cool to see for the very first time! Glad you are having fun!

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