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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Staples Bonuses

Yes you read my title right. Staples has bonuses. Mr. Bronks told me yesterday that we hit our budget, in the copy and print center, which gives us a bonus for the month. Mr. Bronks and I got a huge order over the weekend, and for the past two days we have been working on it so that it could get shipped out today.

My General Manager, (which I am going to start calling her K) told me yesterday that I was her new favorite. She said it loud enough for Mr. Bronks to hear. Mr. Bronks got jealous. You know I had to rub it in the rest of his shift. I was like ha ha, I am K's FAVORITE!. I said "out with the old in with the new. " K lol @ Mr. Bronks.

Yesterday, while putting books together, I miss stepped, and hurt my leg. It swelled up and was bleeding all over the place. Mr. Bronks reacted quickly, just like a ER nurse. He put on rubber gloves, and got all the supplies out. He first cleaned my leg, with an alcohol wipe. Ouch that hurt, he said we have to clean it out. I whined and he said "Grow up." Well I am a baby when I get hurt. He handed me a gauze and we wrapped it up. I stood up and back to work I went. Even though I was in pain, I went ahead and worked. I thought I needed to "man" up and just do it. I need the money.

We finished up the books at 7pm, I went to the Manager and said I am ready for lunch. I had been there since 1pm without any breaks. The manager informed me that I couldn't have a lunch because I did not have anyone to break me. Since Mr. Bronks had left. I informed him, that Mr. Bronks and I had been working on that project so that it would be done on time. And that I needed to eat. He said " I will cover it this time", " but next time I needed to have Mr. Bronks give me a lunch". This is wrong logic. Since Mr. Bronks is not always there and we don't have the hours to cover lunches. One employee starts and the other is off.

It gripes me to no end, that management just dont give a rats ass about their employee breaks. I am thankful for a job. I am thankful that I like what I do. But come on, do you really expect us to stand there and be happy for 8 hours a day with out a break. I spoke with friend, that works for Dept. of Labor in Indiana, and he told me they should a least give me a lunch. But he said its different for each state, and I would need to check here.

Have a great day,


Larry Ohio said...

I'm so happy for you that things are working out so well at Staples.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Lynda said...

Praise God for the bonus!!! It's good to hear someone doing that in this economy. I believe lunch hours are supposed to be allowed in every state but I don't know the law. My thought is to be prepared for the worst and carry some kind of snack or breakfast bar to tide you over in case it happens again. That will help earn your halo . . . have a great day!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen that is terrific! You seem to be moving on up and getting your footing. It is so nice to hear things are starting to work out, after a rough start to your move. Have a great holiday!

Pat said...

You are entitled to a lunch. Seriously. Congratulations on the bonus. Do you want my Christmas list now or later? LOL!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your bonus, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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