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Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Use SodaStream Product Review

I was online watching videos and saw a commercial about the product. I saved up my money to purchase one. Saturday of last week I went to Bath, Body and Beyond which carries it in our area. The starter kit cost $99.00. The extra bottles of syrup cost $4.95 each.

Have you heard of this great new product? SodaStream lets you make your own sodas/pop from home. No more lugging heavy bottles and cans from the store. No more bottles or cans going to the landfill.

Check out my video below.

I am extremely satisfied with SodaStream. As you can see in the video, its so easy to use.


Lynda said...

I have a SodaStream but do not use the syrups. I just like carbonated water. It sure has cut down on our recycling materials.

Pat said...

I never heard of this before. The end result looks like pop, sounds like pop, and I believe you that it tastes like pop!

John said...

Great review there Allen! I had not heard of it until your review. But today I got a Shopko ad in the mail with a $15 off card (if you spend $75) and in the ad is soda stream on sale for $79.99. I'm looking forward to getting one, and a discount price is always good! I've since learned you can get an Energy drink comparable to Red Bull in both reg. & diet (and so much more). So that, the ginger ale, sparkling water and flavored waters will save me a lot of money in the long run and less to recycle (you are required to recycle here). Thanks for the heads up on this great product. I bet it will be on sale at many places (Macy's, etc) for Mother's Day.

Allen said...

@ Lynda, Woot I am glad to see others has used it too! And you are recycling.

@ Pat, it sure dose taste like soda/pop.

@ John, hey let me know when you get yours, would like to know how you like it.

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