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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The New Look of My home

 Below are the pictures. The picture on the left is of the old and the one on the right is of the new.
Living room
As you can see in the left picture there is a brown wall. I took out that wall and built a book case and put my T.V. into the wall. Its sweet. Also I put laminated wood floors in.

Just a different look at my living room.

Looking at the kitchen.

Looking down the hall way towards the bath and bed rooms.

Bath room

Bed room

I painted all the walls an off white. Fixed cracks in the floors. and Installed a Tankless Hot water heater.
Hot water all the time is so nice. I never have to wait for it to heat up. 

More news and things to come. 


Lynda said...

I was just wondering about you yesterday and how things were going with the house and here you are today reporting on it. I'm impressed. You are a very talented and hard-working handyman!!!! You have accomplished a lot and it looks great!!!!! It sounds like you are happy and content in your new place. Praise God!

Pat said...

Wow! Great job on the remodeling! The flooring looks wonderful! The built in TV and bookcase is super! The place looks beautiful, Allen! What a feeling of accomplishment you must feel after looking at all the work! Congratulations!

Cubby said...

Looks great, Allen. Congratulations. I've heard so much about tankless water heaters, but have never known anyone with one. I hope you tell us all about it.

Allen said...

Lynda, I just love what all I have done with this place.

Pat, Thanks I am so happy. Its mine and I have done all the work, which makes me so happy.

Cubby, I will let you know more about it next month. and the bill. Not sure yet. =o)

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