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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 1 at Staples

Day one was good. I met my Trainer and boss over the Copy Center. Not that I needed a lot of training, but its more like a refresher course.

When I first went in, the GM said we really cannot start you yet, they dont have you in the system. That means I couldnt start taking my many test. I suggested that I hang out in the Copy Center. She agreed, and off to the Copy Center I went.

I basically stood back and watched, until I felt comfortable enough, to jump in. Which really was not a very long time. I helped people in the self-serve area which I knew all to well. Its like I never left working there.

The day flew by, we were busy from about 9am to Noon. It was non-stop. I only had one customer yell at me. And I just smiled at him and said I am so sorry. But I am not a mind reader, if you tell this is what you want done then that is what I do. He yelled all the way out the door.

I did learn that you cannot copy SSN cards in color or can you laminate them. The government is picky about those things.

Today I am sure I will be taking all my wonderful test. I will let you know how that goes.

Have a great day everyone,


Pat said...

Yes, the customer is ALWAYS right, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, working in a service industry, you have to keep that smile pasted on your face, when you really want to say is, "KISS MY ASS".

It's good when the day flies by. Do well on your tests!

Kyle Leach said...

I am glad the day went well and didn't drag along. The last time I was in a public service position I was management, so the only yelling in my store was from my side. We didn't tolerate customer abuse of employees. That was a long time ago though.

Lynda said...

If there is verbal abuse by the public library patrons in our town, they are written up and given a warning - - - and I think they can bar them from returning for a specific amount of time. Good for you for the great attitude. A customer with a bad attitude would not be a fun person to live with.

Allen said...

@ Pat, LOL isnt that the truth. That is one thing I learned at Disney. All ways smile no matter what is going on. You can be pissed off as long as you smile. hehe

@ Kyle, Times has changed. I know from working at Staples before, that you just have to smile and keep going. Everyone is in a hurry. I am not sure why they wait until the last minute to get things done though.

@ Miss Lynda, Yeah they are not. What I dont understand is, when I get upset with a company, I wont go back. But these people keep coming back. I guess dishing it out the first time wasnt good enough. =o)

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