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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thorny Spider

When I woke up the morning, I stepped out on the patio. I looked up and saw this little bitty spider, making its web. I thought I would take some pictures of it to show you. but the problem I had was he was reflective.

No matter how many pictures I took, he showed up as a glow. It was weird. But I thought the Web was cool in these pictures.

Then it happened. I got one picture out of 30 that showed it. Its really a weird looking spider. It has thorns all over its back. At first I thought it was just a bug until I saw the spider web.
As I was taking the pictures of the Spider, up walks this brown duck. I had to snap a shot of it too. =o)

Yesterday was a bit ruff at work. It was a busy day. People brought me things to do that I just did not know how to do. But I did learn how to do them once the manager would show up.
Last night, was the first night in a very long time that I had a alcohol drink. We made them at home. I first had a Strawberry Daiquiri, then I tried to make an Amerada Sour. I put to much cherry juice in it and it tasted like a cherry drink. So being tipsy, I thought, what the heck and pored my Amerada Sour in with my Strawberry Daiquiri. It wasn't all that bad. I drank it all.

Have a great day,


Stephen said...

I love spiders & their webs. I never kill them or destroy their webs in the garden.

Larry Ohio said...

Be careful of the Brown Recluse spider. Their bites are venomous, causing intense pain for days and residual pain for weeks, at least that's what happened to one of my co-workers. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! And yes, watch out for those spiders! :-)

Kyle Leach said...

Nice shots Allen. Don't let the tough days get to you, especially if they are stressful because of things you just don't know how to do yet. I like the idea of the Daiquiri, but not with the sour!

Keith said...

ok here goes i m having one of those days myself.1st this is how you spell amaretto. not your problem, mine for being so anally thats out of the way. We are having exceptionally good weather here so far, for indiana that usually means something really nasty is in the works.glad you are learning some new skills at work sounds to me like they are starting to groom you already.just remember that cake looks good enough to eat all at once but if you do its going to make you sick. In other words take it slow and easy on your job.make them swoon on you not the other way around.see i got to thinking about your stuff and forgot all about mine thanks again Allen [sorry if that sounded sarcastic was intended to make me feel like my problems are not all that awful]so with all sincerity thanks Allen I read everyday but I dont always comment.your friend always Keith

Anonymous said...

Spiders... YAAY!! Horrible little creatures! I'd rather go for the Daiquiri!


Lynda said...

So are you saying that your job drove you to drink? Glad that you had a few quieter days at work before the busy one. Can you imagine if today had been your first day on that job?

Pat said...

Not a big fan of spiders, myself. Now the duck? Cute.

Allen said...

@ Stephen, As long as they are outside I am cool with them, but one foot in the door and they are dead.

@ Larry, Yeah I know someone that was bit by one of those nasty things. Yikes!

@ Michael, Understand and thanks!

@ Kyle, Yeah I know, I try not to let stress get to me, but sometimes it does.

@ Keith, thanks for the spelling. hehe

@ Daniel, hehe

@ Miss Lynda, Not really, it was more of a celbration than anything.

@ Pat, Yeah the ducks are cute. =o)

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