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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Early Morning Wood.......Pecker

Mornings are different here. I see so many new animals that I rarely saw in Indiana.

Normally by 7:30 AM I am out on the patio to watch our visitors:

  1. Red head wood pecker
  2. Grey Squirrels (they love to play and jump)
  3. Blue Jay
  4. White head ducks (one we call Alfred - he stops by to say hi)
  5. Woo Hoo Bird (dont have a clue what it is, but it says wooo hooo)
  6. Turtle Doves
  7. Geckos (2 of them sit on our patio and eat ants)

Yesterday afternoon, we (Michael, Kevin and I) decided to swim in one of the 4 pools that we have here. Michael got out of the pool to read the Pool Rules that was covered by some plants. When he turned around to get back in the pool he said to Kevin, "I saw you looking at my crotch!" Kevin denied it, but then admitted to looking at his crotch. Michael said "Now I know how women feel" Michael then said to Kevin " My face is up here" as he pointed to his face. I have never seen Kevin embarrassed. His face was extremely red. We all laughed so loud that the neighbors that lives around the pool, came out to see what all the laughing was about.

I did find a lead on a job. I go today to talk to the owner. Cross your fingers everyone!
Have a great day,


Larry Ohio said...

Love the headline!

Anonymous said...

First question: You have 4 pools? When do I get to visit?

Second question: Does Michael have a nice crotch? Maybe you need to do a blog post about it?

Good luck on the job!

Kyle Leach said...

Fingers crossed Allen!

Allen said...

@ Larry - hehe Thanks!

@ Michael - When ever you want! Come on down!

@ Kyle - =o) thanks!

Derek Nicoletto said...

Yeah, I grew up in Indiana, and I can't imagine having 4 pools, unless you're on the Oprah estate. So, have fun in your new state! (must read other posts to see what state we're talking about now)

Unknown said...

I have to admit I might be distracted by a crotch and miss some of the peckers... And I too am confused by the wealth of pools.

John said...

You guys are having just too much fun! Oh you will see lots of lizards! Be careful, they will be in your apartment before you know it!

Beth said...

I hope all goes well with the interview!

keith said...

sounds like you guys are going to be fine down there. got my fingers and toes crossed for you i know you will do well,but good luck anyway. your good friend Keith

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