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Monday, July 27, 2009

Greatest Parents Award

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Linda my cousin - Emailed me one day out of the blue and asked do you have a partner? I haven't spoken to her in years, like over 10 years. Her question made me feel a little uncomfortable. I didn't know she knew I was gay. I thought how on earth would she know. Unless she had Gay-dar. Cause the last time I saw her I was with my wife. I asked how did you find out? She said I have known for years. Yep it was Gay-dar, I just didn't know she had it.

I encouraged her to start a blog, she did. smacingreatblog is what she named it. She has only posted a couple of post, but after I read them, I understood why I liked them so much. Her second post "My daughter who came out at age of 15." When I was reading this, I was like wow, I have a 2nd cousin that is gay. But then I came across this:

Oh do not get me wrong, there were certain family members who never accepted who she is. But these are not "important" people in her life. She was hurt very bad and her brother was there to witness this whole display of her treatment by them. She has not gone near them since. She loves them, but she feels they do not feel the same way about her.
I will always support her and her girlfriend. I love them both very much.

As soon as I got done with reading the whole post, I emailed her and asked who? She actually told me the whole story and I was taken back, I thought how on earth family could be so small minded?

Their youngest son is in the Army and from what Linda tells me he really likes it. This is a video of him playing a base guitar. (or at least I think it is. anyone know?)


I am sure you know by now, why I think they are the Greatest Parents. Here they have their 15 year old daughter that comes out to them, and they accept her for who she is, not for what they want her to be. I wish all Parents were this understanding!

Congratulations Scott and Linda!



Larry Ohio said...

Great post, Allen. I agree. Btw, I like your new profile pic.

Allen said...

@ Larry, Thanks I hope her and her husband shows up. I emailed them. I hope so. =o) I only took 30 pictures today, and I finally picked one. I hate pictures of myself.

Joann said...

Hi Allen, What a nice award to give your cousins... Yes, they ARE good parents... loving your children & supporting them are what parents are supposed to do!!

Allen said...

@Joann wrote: loving your children & supporting them are what parents are supposed to do!!
I agree with you that is what they are supposed to do, but in some cases that does not happen. Sad isn't?

dmappin said...

Very nice posting!

My parents and I rarely talking about "things." I think they'd just not rather know, but I guess to some degree that is infinitely better than being cut off.

Allen said...

@dmappin, Thanks for the compliment. And your right it is better than being cut off.

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